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Oneness, Mental Health, and Relationships

I've been wanting to write this article for a while. One of many, in fact. Oneness is something I have puzzled over for several years. In the spiritual community people talk about concepts such as oneness, but no one could really describe it in a way that was complete enough for me. Its funny, because I have had some of the pieces all along, and the person who provided me with the final key, is not someone I generally look up to.

Here's what I've got...

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

When everyday people think of oneness, I think they think of Peace, and that we are all one, so we should not fight among us, because fighting each other is like fighting ourselves, and there is God in everyone.

The person who's words finally turned on a light bulb for me was Dr Shafali Tsabary, probably the most well known voice for the term "conscious parenting". It was in her interview with Oprah, here, where she said we are all one (not with each other, but) with Source/God, that it clicked for me.

As a Soul Contract practitioner, I know the model of how we are all extensions of Source/God, projected down from the 12th dimension all the way down to the 3rd dimension, becoming denser and denser and forgetting more and more where we came from the further away from Source/God we get, here to have a human experience and learn specific lessons.

As a Divine Healing practitioner, its kind of hilarious to look back at the opening prayer for Divine Healing and see that it says word for word "I am one, with the presence, power, and consciousness of spirit, the creative God force that moves within all things..."

The reason this is significant is it plays a big role in our Mental Health and can shift the way we see our relationships.

A colleague mentioned to me yesterday that, "the way we feel about being separate from Source/God, whether it makes us feel safe or in fear depends on which way we are facing".

If we are still moving away from Source/God, then we feel scared, separate, alone, apart, that we have to fend for ourselves. But if we are looking back, then we can feel loved, cared for, supported, encouraged, safe no matter what, and not alone, we can always and will always return home.

This song/video found me over the holidays:

When I first watched it, I thought, "why is she putting so much stalk in what some guy/person thinks of her?" Until about two thirds into the video when she reveals she is speaking to God, and then this make sense.

This is how remembering we are One with Source/God can support our mental health.

I watched this song through Spotify and got a bit of the back story. Apparently the singer (Lauren Daigle) was doing well in her music business, but was still new to this level of fame, and was feeling some anxiety about living up to it. This song supported her to stop worrying about what other people think, to lay her success and failures at the feet of God, and to continue her creative passions.

THIS is how we must live. Not in fear, not worrying about survival, but knowing we are held, no matter what. We do what we do, what opens our hearts, what feels right, even if we are unsure how it will all turn out, we just do what we do, and the success and failures, we don't allow them to go to our ego, we put them at the feet of God.

Anyone doing great work, on some level, must know, its not all them.

I know my writing is not all me. I am inspired to write, so I write. But a lot of it comes from somewhere bigger and I can not take credit for it all. Nor can I take credit for delivering a good session. All I do is the work. I do a good job to learn a modality well, then I connect, I am present, and I deliver. I am grateful to be in tune with the knowledge and to be able to play a role in delivering the information to make people's lives better, by reminding them "who they really are".

Whenever you have a choice between fear, and love, choose love, remember, you are supported, and if you need a reminder, feel free to reach out.

So, the above explains the link to mental health (with further summary below).

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Notice how when we are sad or feel alone we almost always look down or away, we never look up (see photo above). We need to remember to look up!

If you think what you do is all you, and rests only on your shoulders, if you live in fear, you will struggle with your mental health.

But, if you turn around and remember where you came from, and say "I lay it all at your feet, my success, my failure, its yours, thank you for your support" and then continue on your mission in this way, knowing you are supported, choosing not to live in fear, curious about what will be around the corner to support you, and always feeling the blessings coming from all around you as you play your part, whatever that may be, in life, you will have an easier time with your mental health.

It is a transition in thinking, it can take up to a year to fully accept this way of being, but it is worth it.

You need to opt out of fear-based thinking! Divine Healing is an excellent way to guide you! Remind yourself of what is True, and what is just a lie of this 3rd dimension, which you can totally opt out of, if you want to.

And this brings me to relationships.

We often get caught up thinking the other person is against me, why are they against me, why won't they change, I have to make them change.

This is NOT what relationships are all about!

The other is simply a reflection of something you need to see or learn.

Once you have learnt a lesson, or you are quite frankly tired of the lesson, you can opt out! Divine Healing has specific techniques to make you aware of all kinds of hooks we put into ourselves (literally into our sacral energy) that will draw certain relationships to us. We repeat them over and over and over until we say "yeah, I'm done with this lesson, I am tired of this same old routine". Then you can opt out. You can choose to change the energy in the room and you can cut ties. Its surprisingly THAT easy!

You just need to make a conscious effort not to try to re-create the same relationship dynamic, when you are so shocked something that was so stubborn before, has literally gone away.

We can be addicted to drama, addicted to complaining about others. Even I fall victim to complaining about people or organizations who do things in ways that I wish they knew better or would recognize there is a better way. But, to fight them, to point out their flaws, I am not sure if that is the best way.

They present to me a contrast, so I can decide for myself what goes in and what stays out of my personal theories.

I should, on some level, be grateful that they are providing this contrast, that they are willing to play a role I would never play so I can see the contrast.

And this is how we are actually not one with others, nor are they against us.

We all stem from the same Source/God/One, but we are all different projections, doing different things, contracted to play certain roles for each other, so that the other can see the contrast needed so we can become more ourselves, and once we opt out and find the right sequence of keys or codes to open a lock, the problem goes away.

Photo by Tim Evans on Unsplash

I found it particularly interesting having a discussion with two spiritual people, where they were trying to coach me on how to, and the importance of, taking down a car salesman.

I have no intention on taking down a car salesman, nor will I be taken advantage of. I will ask the important questions, feel and hear the energy in the response, and then act accordingly. There is no ill will or bad intention on either end. There is just: where is the other at, and where am I at?

Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

I actually found it quite interesting shopping for a new car and visiting 3 dealerships, feeling 5 very different styles of dealing with people. And the guy who made the sale was the honest salesman.

I don't fall for fear, pressure, or being made to feel stupid. I work with people who are honest and kind, with where they are at and what is in my best interest. I honor each person I speak with, so that I can see the difference in where people are at. And that is it, that is all there is to it.

We may be here together, all these people, but we are actually quite alone, on our own journey, surrounded by mirrors and contrasts, so we can learn more about ourselves and other ways of being and make choices on who we want to be. There is not oneness among us, unless you want to go all the way back to the start and say we all came from the one Source/God. Down here, we owe each other nothing, other than gratitude, for playing mirrors and contrasts for each other, so we can see who we really want to be.

No one is bad, no one is wrong. The role they play is the role we need, and when we are ready to let them off the hook, we can.

And don't forget, we play the exact same role for everyone else, we're just less conscious of it and we call that "being human".

Happy New Year, Happy 2019.

What are you going to make of your year? Who are you going to be? How are you going to grow in your understanding of life or yourself?

Love, Bless, and Strong!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience (Stress & Health)

You Have A Life Plan

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