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Dispelling the myth of whether or not we still need to heal

I am a big fan of Matt Kahn. He was introduced to me by a friend who was trying to show me that spiritual people tend to get caught up in thinking they need to heal heal heal and it never ends. Matt Kahn's belief is we do not need to heal, as we are already perfect. I have sat with this for a couple of years.

My practice has two arms: showing people their unique psychology and life path, which leads to self-acceptance, and supporting them to make shifts in their understanding of how things work here (which falls under divine healing).

This is where I land on the topic of: Do we still need to heal?

Matt Kahn has some amazing things to say. Just take a look at the shifts in concepts he provides in the preview to this interview on Gaia TV:

In case the link above won't work for you, in this preview, Matt redefines the following emotions:

Fear = repressed, condensed passion, the passion we have not expressed or let out

Disappointment = when we are given back our power from those we have decided are meant to play a role that they are not meant to play

Perfectionism = trying to measure up to an image of yourself, not knowing the imperfections you judge about yourself are part of a greater perfection unfolding

Matt would not have been able to come up with these definitions had he not been through his fair share of healing!

Healing is not about claiming ourselves as broken. Its about being willing to take out a chisel and dig a bit deeper to see what is beneath each of our emotions and reactions so that we can become better, clearer versions of ourselves, and so we can come to our own realizations and have our own nuggets of wisdom to share with others.

So, before you give up on healing, saying "you are perfect already", ask yourself: Are you satisfied with living by someone else's wisdom, or do you want to find your own?

I can guarantee, although someone else's experience may sound similar to yours, your reasons for finding yourself in whatever situation you may be in are completely unique. The reasons beneath your actions and pain are beautiful and worth un-earthing. No one else can give you your unique answers and your unique antidote to your suffering, or your unique wisdom to share.

We are not broken, but we are still worth exploring. We are our own greatest asset. We each get a unique life to unravel.

Why would you take someone else's triumphs as enough, when you can claim your own?

Love, Bless, and Strong!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience (Stress & Health)

You Have A Life Plan

#divinehealing #healing #selfmastery

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