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My Soul Contract is kicking my ass lately, and I am so grateful!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Since having my 3rd child (2 weeks ago), I have been moved to launch a new wing to my business: From Fear and Blame to Recovery and Play.

I have also been moved to make drastic improvements to my diet. Not for weight-loss (as I am so not about looks and image), but for the purpose of detox and finally treating my body with the respect it deserves. Maybe my kids and husband will catch the bug too! I wish I had had a better role model for health while I was growing up!

Another reason why health and recovery has become more important for me lately is: It feels like my spiritual growth has gone so far, and now it is time to ground the principles into my body, and share my gifts with others on a whole new level.

Logo and text for the new wing of my business

So, why is my Soul Contract kicking my ass?

Well, when you tell Spirit: "I am ready! I am going to step more into my greatness! I am going to serve on a whole new level!"

Spirit always responds with: "Are you sure? Well, let's get you ready then!"

And for me, accepting a new diet that actually nourishes me is like saying: "I am worth it!"

One of my Soul Destinies is to overcome that my mom did not provide an ideal environment or the love and support that I needed to grow up healthy.

As a result, I tried to take my life on numerous occasions. The experience with my mom and my upbringing was so that I could become a better mother myself. And so that I can empathize with what kids go through and support parents to understand what is really going on with their kids, because I know the dark side of that coin very well.

As a result, its interesting that as I try to embrace healthier foods, I am finding that I have a slight aversion to some of them and when I look up the meaning of these aversions they all seem to be related to:

From "Allergies and Aversions ~ by Michael J Lincoln PhD"

So, on some level, I do not feel like I deserve the love of good food, or even abundance, success, or positive relationships!

This is something I need to push through. And with the support of the healing modalities that I have on board, including, but not limited to, Divine Healing, guiding myself and others through this type of challenge is something that is well within my capabilities!

Now, if we take a look at the name for the new wing of my business, using Soul Contract principles, we see...

The energy behind this name says: "I will meet people where they are at, I will share with them everything that I know, I will give them a solid structure to hold all this new information, and I will support them to be resilient as they integrate it into their lives".

What is most interesting about this for me, and the same would apply to anyone else (relative to their own life lessons), is that each of these numbers (8, 4, 11, and 2) are lessons I have had to work through in my life. Lessons that I thought were behind me. But, you know, there is always another layer for us to work through!

Just like the book "A Course in Miracles" states: "Saviors must first save themselves, how else can they offer salvation to others?"

I use "A Course in Miracles", as well as many other spiritual books in my healing sessions with myself and with my clients.

Another important lesson that came up for me, as I explored this, was from "The Book of Light", which states that: "We are all afraid of rejection. And it is important for us to face this fear, feel this pain, because, once we have felt the pain, we can eventually let it go. And when you can let go of the fear of rejection, you are finally able to offer unconditional love to others. Because, only when you stop trying to gain acceptance by pleasing others, are you able to give with no strings attached".

Being able to offer unconditional support and love, with no strings attached, is critical and golden!

The relationship between the numbers above and my own Soul Contract are as follows:

  • The 8 is about feeling emotions in the body. Most people who carry karmic 8s (like I do) have difficulty staying in their body when they feel tough emotions. Some will even go so far as to try to take their life when this happens. Sound familiar, given what I told you above about my childhood?

  • The 4 is about learning to trust and allow love and abundance in. Kind of like my recent opening to a healthier diet.

  • The 11 is about building your own structure of truth, and dropping the baggage and judgments from others. And,

  • The 2 is about being resilient enough to share your truth with others, even if they disagree.

These are definitely the feelings that I have been processing lately!

Even when you look at the words in my text "From Fear and Blame" - we tend to Fear rejection, we tend to Blame others for making our life harder (or simply for making us feel yucky).

With this text, I am suggesting that I can move my clients from the state of Fear and Blame to the state of Recovery and Play. And if I am going to make such a bold claim, I better move myself as well!

Even though I thought I had done this already, and I am in a much better state than I was 4-5yrs ago, the 8s in the text above says "I will meet people where THEY are at".

Most people are deep in Fear and Blame, and if I am going to meet them there, then I need to remember what that feels like, so that I can show them the way out!

So, with gratitude, I am sitting through this muck, and processing these feelings, and working through my Soul Contract, again, because I am here to be of service. And I know that moving people out of Fear and Blame is the way for them to finally Recover and be able to Play.

We are here to find our greatness, share our greatness, and grow our greatness.

Everything that happens before this point is just to give us context, and we do have to recover from that. Detox, and let it go, so we can Play!

Who's with me?

Love and Bless, Strong Light!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

MSc Pscyhology/Neuroscience (Stress & Health)

We all deserve to nourish ourselves, so we can nourish others!

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