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A multidimensional concept that I am playing with

From an Esogetic Medicine perspective, key timepoints for problems to get lodged into our life include: conception, 12wks of pregnancy (when our upcoming birth is announced, how do people respond?), 6mon of pregnancy (any stressful experiences for mom?), and birth (rushed, emergency, easy, alone, surrounded, etc). These issues are repeated again when the waters break, while we are in the birth canal, at our moment of birth, and when the cord is cut. These 4 experiences map onto the 4 experiences mentioned in the previous sentence. Another mapping, onto these same experiences, is our experience at ages 0-3yrs (or age 3), 4-6yrs (or age 6), 7-9yrs (or age 9), and 10-12yrs (or age 12).

In this book, the author shares, that in astrology, progressions are like fractals for the entire life:

Yes, you can see a person’s life in transits, but the transits track the stubbed toe, which is not such a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but the fact that at day 3, 6, 9, and 12 post-birth in progression may tell us how well we are able to download our life program in the first 3yrs of life (did we have a secure enough attachment period to do so?), how did others accept us when we went out into the world at age 6yrs (and this lingers with us throughout our life, as does everything else left unresolved), could we ground who we are at age 9yrs, and we’re we ready to step out into the world in adolescence (at age 12yrs)?

One comment made by this author, that I found very interesting is: when you go down to progression, you get to see the exact day a close aspect becomes an exact aspect, and this would be key when looking at just the fine detail of: was it at day 3 or 6, conception or 12wk, how we brought in our program or how we were received, etc. In fact it’s quite interesting that these first few days of life, in transit, can tell us a lot about the life expanded 9 months prenatally and forward for our entire life span, if we never find a way to work and release these early wounds/imprints. I know of people who were separated from their parent(s) in these early days, maybe because if they were not, their life would be completely different, and that may not have been what they were here for.

Of course, its always ideal to ask our birth mom, if we can, what she can remember about all the times, often moms love to share, but maybe not, and either way, it’s a good opportunity to bond. And do ask who was in the room at the moment of you birth, and consider how much of their baggage may have attached to and imprinted you, which you can also try to clear with Esogetic Medicine.

In addition, I found it interesting, that a year in the Mayan calendar is the same length as human gestation (260 days), which means in theory, the sign (one of 20 months) and the tone (one of 13 days in each month) that you are born on is also the sign and tone that you were conceived with. Of course, probably never fully correct, it may be of interest to look at this, if you want to try to imagine what your conception might have been like, as this can drive the function of your medulla, which is created from the first cell division after conception, in Esogetic Medicine terms. And is opposite our teeth and maxillary sinuses, which are also important storage areas for unprocessed information. The area of the medulla is also know as the mouth of god, where mama should have held you while you were nursing. Problems in this area can lead to problems with simple things your body should just do without a thought, like breathing, swallowing, digestion, etc.

This is a great place to start to look at your Mayan Destiny:

I have not bought their report yet, because I already have these books:

…which have enough description for me to work with. But, I may buy their calendar, to start to get the sense of how we move through these energies, day after day, or how we used to…

I’ve also read in this book and others:

…that our Akashic Records and past lives are stored in the parts of our 12 strand DNA that science currently calls junk. And the master cell for this may be in our pineal gland (see: When you make the right choices your reality changes). It kind of makes me chuckle, all these people paying big bucks for 23 and me, when the two strands science understand are driven by the 10 strands they can’t make any sense of at all. And then people lob off parts of their body, out of fear, instead of looking into the possible life lesson (that part is not funny, it hurts that people are willing to hurt them selves that badly out of fear).

Esogetic Medicine has a lot of OGT treatments on the forehead, which address the genetic background of an issue, and I am curious if this means the past life drivers for the issue?

Finally, there are also bardo treatments, for those who may have felt force to take an incarnation, or who took on more than they could handle, and had second thoughts, etc.

I share for those who are interested in play. Because if there is no one to play with, I may just move along to the next topic. This serves as a placeholder, for when this type of play may be of benefit or need.


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