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An important dream/experience

Last night I was connected and I asked about the mole on the right side of my face, below my temple, which I have had examined and confirmed, it will never turn into cancer, it’s just from dirty blood and can be shaved off, for a price. I didn’t want to harm my body, or remove a sign that my liver is not doing well. Yet, at the same time, as I work on myself and it starts to fade, I want (and try to) make it fade faster.

In response to my questions about this, I was shown a ring of molting feathers, falling slowly one by one. This reminded me of the vulture shaman:

…and my understanding of Prometheus (who is pinned under a rock, for stealing the light of the gods to give to the people, while the vultures peck at his liver). Chiron, the wounded healer who can not die, offers Prometheus to switch places with him, so Chiron can die (ending his eternal pain) and Prometheus can live and be free.

Another story of the vulture shaman is: in the cataclysm that we all experienced 11,500 years ago, many vultures came to clear the dead, or those too wounded to make it. The people felt both scared about their own fate and blessed when these vultures appeared, because clearing away the dead offered a better chance of survival for the living.

There are also some stories relating to a version of human who commits horrible crimes, that are not part of the natural way of being human, but, I don’t want to get into that too much, because I don’t want to get into division.

I do believe, that we as a planet, were put in quarantine (as a result of the cataclysm 11,500 years ago) in order to evolve our consciousness. And if we fail to do so, we will not be let out of quarantine, because we pose too much of a risk to the galaxy, with our violent, greedy, selfish, disrespectful ways. We don’t respect the earth, our bodies, or each other. All of this I learned from Barbara Hand Clow.

While only the story of Prometheus and his liver apply to what happened next for me, I include the rest for others to be aware, as they see fit.

My next experience was waking with a sharp pain/cramp in my liver. Thankfully I know and have access to RestoreChi and can simply turn on the Liver Detox track and go back to sleep, feeling fine in the morning.

We are detoxing, as a collective, it takes time. We don’t have to claw at our wounds because we wish we would heal faster.

I also realized that I have 3 living supports who recognize me and support me from above, and 3 supports whom I do not know in person who support me from below. Two of each are male, one is female. The males make up the directions (initials for my own recollection): north above (MY), south below (TB), east above (SD), west below (SG), and the females make up: above (AA) and below (BC), and I am the heart (MM). Just like the opening prayer for Divine Healing. This is my merkaba, my Star of David, my Soul Contract, my energy vehicle, and you have one too!

Finally, in the morning, I did not steal the light to give to the people. I am focusing on me, and my family, and letting others learn their lessons naturally, without my meddling in their timing, to try to speed it up, because picking at it, only makes it worse.

Sending love 💕 🦅

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