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Be in the world, but not of it

The quote in the title for this article has been explained as: “It’s a lot like a boat in the water. The boat is designed to float in the water – to be in the water, surrounded by it on all sides. But there should not be any water in the boat.“ referring to “How we can interact with lost people without being influenced by the unbelief and hostility towards <you fill in the blanks> so prevalent in our culture”.

But, even that suggests that some are lost and some are found/aligned, and this judgment is also unkind.

I struggle with what to do on Pink Shirt Day. The easy options are: don’t remind the kids about it, let the kids make their own decisions, or just go along with it like everyone else.

Except, my self and my child are actively being bullied at our school, for the second time, so wearing a pink shirt is literally the blame game towards the adult bully, whom I know has little support and little social skills, so she thinks her behavior is acceptable. Much like the previous bullies, who thought they were, and needed to stay, above me, so they bullied me out, because having me present scared them into thinking they may not get as ahead as they felt entitled to. Even the present bully, may think she has to do what she does, to protect others, that she believes I am hurting, and round and round it goes.

While I would have liked to just miss this day at school, it didn’t work out that way, instead we missed the day they had a dance teacher come in, which is fine, but it’s also a lesson: we try to avoid one thing, and we end up missing another. I didn’t miss a day to avoid, I did it for self care, but it would have been nice if the rock hit two birds (what an awful saying!). And, I just got a calendar reminder, that being home today is not ideal for me either (see the lesson below).

When I was in training to become a practitioner of Esogetic Medicine, we got to the part about how much mainstream life literally harms children, and my teacher said to me “I knew this would bother you a lot, I don’t know what to say“.

The truth is, we came into this life for the experience, like many people watch movies for the experience. I’ve heard someone say: we don’t go to the movies and yell at everyone, continually reminding them, that “it’s all fake”. They would get pretty mad if we did that, and they do, even in real life, when we try to wake them up from their “delusion”, or call them “woke” instead (what an ugly term, I’ve always hated sarcasm). They are entitled to their life, to their illusion, to their sleep, to their own victory, or failure, we don’t need, or get to, do it for them, and who says we’re right anyway, we are all here to learn, lesson 25 is different from lesson 5, even though the scene looks exactly the same. We want to immerse ourselves in this life and the movie, as if it were real. Even when we know who is going to die and who is going to live, we still get emotionally attached and hope for a better outcome. Which is why I quasi disagree with “not letting the water in the boat” above. Let it in, but know you can also get it out, or survive with less than perfection, trust your skills!

I often think of people like:

Read the text in the images above, he literally took the draft for his book, about finding the meaning of life, with him to the concentration camp, lost it there, and then recreated it, when he was released. If he can survive that and still give back to the people, we can survive anything! And it’s not even about physical survival and often physical death is not what is on the line.

Its just going to school on Pink Shirt Day, with the objective of not blaming anyone, and finding ways to be a bucket filler (including not needing to tell the school my opinion about Pink Shirt Day, or that there is a better way to go about it).

A boat in the water, in the world, but not of it, it’s just a movie, to watch it play out, and see how it affects me, and if I can choose grace over dishonour.

A person who carries Gene Key 22 in their profile will always have their honour tested, and it is my job to find and offer strategies to cope with this.

It’s like soul contract lesson 9 (feeling like a victim, so we can learn how to use our power without hurting others), who pretends to be the strongest number in the system, hilarious, on steroids. Gene Key 22 is much more on par with soul contract lesson 1 (learning to act with integrity) and lesson 22 (taking things out on others because we feel ugly or disabled, when in truth, we have so much beauty and skills inside, we just need to step back, and see the bigger picture).

Sending love to all bullies and all victims today, hoping that you remember that this is just a play, just a movie.

Sometimes, no matter what we do, the person we perceive as overstepping their bounds, can not be stopped, by any of, what we feel are, our righteous efforts. This is because, it’s a lesson, that has to be learned, another way. Through love and acceptance and self mastery, instead of bullying the bully, who already has less skills, that’s why they bully, if we want an eye for an eye, we become unkind too.

In truth I don’t know what I will do, except, when the moment comes, try to envision the kinder response and choose that.

Happy Pink Shirt Day! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Wish me luck!

Feels like exam day, and I usually like being tested, to see how much I truly know…

Postscript: Our almost 7yr old dressed in pink, just because that was her plan anyways, our son got up too late that I didn’t want to slow him down with the conversation, and our youngest requested this (see image below), which the 3 of us made for her. And, in the end, our youngest opted to do the outdoor portion of school, and then stay in the car until nearly end of day. When we went in, it appears, few families or staff participated in pink shirt day, it just looked like any other day… again 🤷🏻‍♀️. I guess, for us, lesson learned, and that’s all we are ever responsible for. ❤️🙏💪

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