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Between love and fear lies freedom

I received an email from my teacher (in the USA), that started with “In these challenging times of pandemic and potential war…” followed later by “we must move between the pillars of love and fear, to keep moving forward on our paths, even when life looks challenging” and “I hope you find his (the founder of Esogetic Medicine) writings helpful and supportive at this time”.

The first thing that struck me was “potential war”? Everyone here has been acting like there is an ongoing war, that most have already lost interest in, after they emailed all their contacts to send guns, money, and medical care, and hung a flag on their car to show solidarity, along with memes on their social media about what real women / leaders do. I see you, I know you try, and that is good, but you could do more, by focusing on your self…

In the letters from the (German) founder of Esogetic Medicine, we see things like “the earth is disappearing into a vortex of evil, we are in changing times that we could have not anticipated in this form, the embodiment of an insane person, fueling fear in general has always been an instrument of the rulers, because they are convinced the populace has to follow their ludicrous opinions, many have forgotten that all human beings are mortal, fueling panic these past couple of years has been tremendously damaging to our children and it keeps going, the fear of war keeps spreading due to unfortunate events in the Ukraine, fear that has been carried since childhood is being touched upon and churned up through outer confrontation”.

“Excess love is generating excess fear” - this statement is worth a real ponder and a pause.

I’ve always been adverse to excess love, it’s not to be trusted in my experience. Only grounded love, and I think this is why the reaction of evil, and fear, and anger, because we know truth, and fake love is not true, its enraging!!

“We have to sit in the middle of love and fear, so we don’t get burned by love or frozen by fear, and this is quite difficult”, paraphrased.

I find this interesting, as this is not my experience with my clients. I speak at a certain vibration, that those who want to live the game of fear, leave to find “better support for them to stay there”, and those who actually want to grow and be aligned stick around, so I don’t really have this around me.

”Love creates the world, fear destroys it. When there is fear, love can not be reflected“, maybe this is why people are so unkind to those who say “that is not right for me, I don’t feel well doing that”. We live in a society of “force, it’s good for you”, when, people who honour their truth and their fear are shunned, because we can’t see our love reflected back in them, what we see is the fact that we aren’t working on our fear, we aren’t living our truth, we said it was impossible to do, and yet, there they are, walking their unique path, despite us drinking poison, hoping it will harm them, and it doesn’t.

”Fear is not exclusively negative, there is light in the darkness”, “terror, panic, and stress can result in therapy resistance”, yup, this sounds like my clients who walk, or who are drawn to my “lighter modalities” (because they feel like spiritual masturbation), but are allergic to my “real modalities”, because most people fear change, and that’s ok. It’s not about me, it’s about deciding whether it’s ok that mommy and daddy were wrong, and we were wrong for believing them and all our public school teachers and the promises of “if I do X I will get Y from society”, ego, entitlement, traps us every time.

“There is so much sublime and beautiful in this life, we should remember that again, the opposite to fear is not love, but openness and expansion, which is true love“, paraphrased, because fake love (and spirituality to be trendy) is just as closed off and narrow as fear, most people just don’t know it.

Leave it to me to insult my readers, by trying to be honest. I do hope this is helpful for some.

Many of us are just trying to understand, and be validated in our confusion, between the world out there and what we feel is true inside.

Let’s cut each other some slack, especially when we know the other is lying, they did not believe what they say they believe now, they grew, or have the potential to grow, let’s let them. The only way that we can win, is if we all win.

One of the joys of this time is that many of us have become aware of the difference country of origin (something we choose pre birth) and early life experience make in our beliefs. Also, many of us have finally found a reason to be curious about politicians (and those who roll out their man-dates) as people and policies as non-human.

There are recommended treatments for fear and freedom, but to describe them does not do them justice.

He does say “these measures are not able to change the course of world events, but they are able to resolve the sense of being narrow, which is the original meaning of fear” and any rigidity we place upon ourselves out of principle.

This is where those who think they are “awake” are actually just as bad, if not worse, than those that they call sheep (name calling is not a true practice of someone who is awake, but of someone who is trying to cope, and that’s ok). Sheep can change, but the righteous need to get off their high horse first!

“God’s crucifixion in space and time” and the “the soul transporting information from the spirit into the body that spirit created” are part of the treatments.

“When love and fear approach each other, and connect, we have freedom” this is why we were kept apart, because yin-yang, we heal each other.

“There are always three aspects in our level of life, the third is always found in the middle, but we often play favorites (team love or team hate, team inclusion or team doubt, team left or team right) but only in the middle can we be free”, parentheses are mime.

“Only when you are close to love can you unfold” - this statement is super critical for anyone raising or working with kids, or actually wanting to be a decent friend, partner, or coworker to others!!

“Brainwave Induction programs that can really help us deal with internal fear include: Rest 1 & 2, Power Nap, Gamma40, Children 1 & 2 (when we can see the fear syndromes reach back into childhood), Sleep 1, and Dream (funny that those who think they are awake tell others they are asleep, and yet Esogetic Medicine literally says - go to sleep and dream, to process your conflict and find your truth!), REM phases of sleep regenerate the nervous system and brain.”

“Crystal disk that can help us to free ourselves internally and stay liberated include: the disk of the Elements, Light/Dream, Love, Life/Earth, and Signs/Numerology.”

He closes with “if there is true emergency, when there is nearly no more reason for joy, remember the inscription on the inside of King Solomon’s ring (the pillars of Love and Fear, are also known as the Pillars of Solomon), which no one else could read, but he took off to read whenever he faced something hard - this too shall pass”.

Find your middle ground, your “path of the sage”, one of my favorite lines from the Gene Keys.



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