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Cramped in or opening your life to freedom?

Take a look at the table of contents, for this book on puberty:

Item 8 is braces! What? Since when is getting braces part of puberty?

Now take a look at this:

According to Esogetic Medicine, every tooth is tied to a meridian pathway, which impacts and reflects the state of many organs in the body.

Teeth should actually float in the gums, gums are essentially lymph, that needs to flow and fully exchange information from body to teeth and back every 24-48hrs.

Lymph also helps us process out illness and emotional stress, conflict, and pain.

This is what our feet should look like, if we didn’t wear shoes:

See the toe spacing ^^? I can still spread my toes like this and more, my husband sadly cannot. He is way too mainstream brainwashed, and this is reflected in his feet!!

He’s also wearing Invisalign braces right now. I got mine in and out during puberty, and am still looking for a dentist who understands health enough, to not force the M policy for people who are exempt, or advertise the V status of all their staff, in order to get my bar removed!

Anyhoo, do you think it is ok to normalize teeth needing to be straightened around puberty, to essentially lie to our selves and others about the damage done to our bodies and emotions/psyche due to mainstream parenting, education, and society?

This is the problem that I see with all vanity based procedures, people want straight teeth, they think there is not enough room in their mouths for their teeth, they think teeth will have to be pulled, pulling wisdom teeth is pretty normal when you reach adulthood (i.e., the final puberty around age 25-28yrs). But really, what normal? Mainstream normal?

I’d rather be honest. With no make up on, no procedures, and no uncomfortable shoes. Having the state of my inner health supported from and reflected on the outside. So I can recognize when my insides need help.

This is why we love true beauty. Natural beauty is a sign of inner health, but fake beauty, that just messes with our mind and the minds of our children.

On another related topic, here is a bridge I used to be afraid to cross:

I would literally avoid anything on the other side of this bridge, unless I had no choice.

Then, I really wanted to access an amazing collaborator and place for me and my children on the other side of this bridge. And I realized, that if I drove beside a large truck (even though that also used to scare me), I could cross the bridge and the truck could block the wind for me.

This is one of many of the things I felt this collaborator and I were doing for each other, blocking the wind. Alone we were vulnerable to being blown away by mainstream judgement, together we are strong.

But, it’s not codependent, because we can each exist without the other, it’s just easier together, and now me and my kids are excited to cross the bridge, several times a week. If my youngest is having a meltdown, because I don’t want to play her song on repeat the whole way there, crossing this bridge, to look at the state of the water, through all the seasons and weather, almost always helps lift her spirit.

When fears become triumphs, when locked in becomes a chance to take your freedom...

Crooked teeth, who cares, fix the inside, love your self, let your feet out of your shoes.

Let’s move beyond the normalization or binding of our selves, our lives, and our children, while compromising and faking beauty and health!

If you take the V and accept their debt relief and basic income: You will own nothing and you will be happy. But I will not be happy in those shoes! ^^

It may seem odd that mainstream is literally trying to destroy your health, but this is why:

People spend their whole lives trying to get money, and then they spend all of their money trying to regain their health.

Disabling you is big business.

They start even before the womb, through generational trauma and the normalization of all of the above, especially the government run schools, V schedules, and the terrible advice and imbedded peer to peer shaming on “a good parent would dot dot dot”.

Ready to break free?


Alahnnaa Campbell

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