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Esogetic Medicine is like this movie, without the dr-ughs

While it is popular to use LSD, psilocybin, ayahuasca, or to hyperventilate ourselves to have a spiritual journey, it is not necessary to go to such extremes or risks to understand ourselves.

I’ve taken the first two dr-ughs before, until my heart literally told me I had to stop. I would never take any of these again, because it’s unnecessary for me. I can travel to anywhere I need to go on my own, without any dr-ughs. And also, Esogetic Medicine is quite strong on its own.

The concept that is the same, between Esogetic Medicine and the movie above, is: yes indeed, our time in the womb, our birth process, our conception, our time between lives (and in past and parallel lives) do influence this life, and this happens because we cannot move forward, unless we acknowledge the lesson, change, and heal. This is life.

We can interrupt our destructive ways of living, and see things for what they are, by simply accepting that every behavior in every person is because a piece of the puzzle still needs to be uncovered and put right, otherwise it just gets increasingly harder to move on.

We can’t fix others, they have to want to fix themselves. And, if we don’t make the effort to wake up, we miss out on the best part of life, which is to see everything switch, as we move onto the ever evolving next stage.

Esogetic Medicine uses crystals, sacred geometry, coloured lights (including UV and IR), brainwaves, and sound, plus excellent knowledge of ancient wisdom, and how the body communicates with us (with regard to what needs attention), and how we can communicate back (that we understand and will support it).

Like morse code, from body to soul to body, so spirit can embody.

This is what we are here for.

Sending love 💕

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