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Esogetic Medicine just makes it easier to shift

While many clients of Esogetic Medicine are unlikely to attribute improvements in their life to their Esogetic treatments, it is very common for people to make big shifts in their lives (or in their experience of life), that they couldn’t make beforehand, while participating in Esogetic treatment(s).

We are raised to push aside our pain, not realizing that this is our body trying to communicate with us. Sometimes we have pain because we are not listening, sometimes we have pain because we are finally letting go. Sometimes we need to be heard: that we have certain symptoms that are real, even if there is no allopathic explanation, and that there is a storyline that makes sense for how our symptoms came to be, and what we need to do, to let them go.

Many people come for Esogetic treatment, realize it’s power and implications and do not come back to continue the work. They aren’t ready for change or to step into their power, and it is their choice.

From my end, it’s an honour to do the work, to learn along side you, to connect the dots, apply what I know, and see if and how your life changes.

Humbling my ego, it’s not my win, it’s not my life. I simply connect the dots, you see what resonates, we treat what feels like a fit, and then, we see what happens in your life.

Unlike many practitioners who people feel you pay them to heal you, I don’t heal anyone! I listen, we talk, I try, and we see. The treatment is either what you need and you change your life, or it’s not and you decide whether you benefit enough from the sessions to keep trying or whether you want to try something else.

I am not attached, because it is your journey, the right people stay, the wrong people leave, to hopefully find what is right for them.


Alahnnaa Campbell

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