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Food Colours…

Having just watched this talk:

I found the following article, written by another Esogetic Medicine practitioner, in 2014:

I will summarize the article above, adding what I heard in the 2020 talk, which included this "slide":

...and my own understanding from Esogetics.

From the 2020 presentation, RED is qi, you can overdo it on red food and become aggressive. In Esogetics, red light will get circulation going. Crimson light is used to get people to stand in their power, step out into the world, to declare who they are. And rose light is used for unconditional support and love.

As the article above shared:

ORANGE is anti inflammatory (think tumeric) and oranges with Vit E can be good for varicose veins. In Esogetics, orange light is used to increase hormonal flow, and it is also used for joy.

YELLOW is good for tissue rebuilding and antidepressant (think quercitin). In Esogetics, yellow light is used to move lymph.

GREEN is for detox (think chorophyll). In Esogetics, green light is used to reduce inflammation, and light green is used to encourage self care, and shrink two-more sizes.

BLUE is rarely found in nature, it's usually an illusion, but blue green algae Phycocyanin is true blue and something worth looking out for. In Esogetics, blue light is used for calming pain, and reducing hormone overproduction, and turquoise light is used to connect to subconscious information.

From the 2020 presentation:

PURPLE is our connection to spirit. In Esogetics, purple light is used to calm lymphatic flow.

BROWN food is used mostly to encourage bowel movements. There is no brown light in Esogetics.

WHITE food is to used when a person can handle nothing else, and must go back to basics. This is why breast milk is white (with a bit of yellow, for tissue building). In Esogetics, there is no white light, but there are 3 shades of dark, medium, light grey light, which essentially wake up areas that have stopped receiving signals, which is similar to the use of white, when we need to start over.

BLACK is the jing essence, from a TCM perspective, this is our inherited energy. We may have more or less jing, compared to others, because of the strength of our parents at conception, and our karma from our previous lifetimes. From a MeridianWork perspective (an extension of Esogetics), we have 3 sources of energy: jing (inherited and stored in our kidneys, enhanced via the RestoreChi fusion track), and from what we breathe and what we eat/drink, coordinated by the triple warmer. If either of these sources of energy goes down, then we draw from the others, and if multiple sources go down, we're in big trouble. No energy, no protection.

Here are some other posts I shared, summarizing other aspects of this 2020 talk:

I hope this is helpful for some.


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