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Free access to the documentary “Living the change”

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

I invite you to watch this documentary for free: Living the change

Please read the rules in the photo below, so you are not disappointed (and if the link does not work for you, feel free to email me:

I also invite you to share (here or anywhere) how you can see your self giving back and contributing to a world where we are “co-beings”.

In this documentary, they speak of wholeness as not just being body, mind, and spirit, but animals and plants in nature, and we are animals too.

Often we have to discover things we do not like about ourselves, and, in order to give all of ourselves to our self and others, we have to be willing to be those things.

I see things way before other people do, and what they think is great, immediately looks like a bad idea to me, which makes me the bad guy to bring this all up.

Then, as time go on, and it becomes more clear that I was right. I need to use this gift more, but how can I do so, and have people actually want to see the things that I can see?

I guess my lesson is to continue to navigate this, as best I can, to see what I can learn about being a co-being.

One of my greatest gifts, is being able to cross subjects/modalities, to find the answer to one thing, somewhere else.

One thing that is currently on my radar is: they keep talking about mono-crop farming being so bad, having so many problems, creating a very fragile and non-self-correcting system, that requires toxic outside intervention, like pesticides.

And all I can think of is: “yup, that’s our school system, mono-culture, requiring so many drugs and labels, just to try to keep our kids there, developing a fragile community of citizens, who will only want more money and stuff, to compensate for everything that was done to them (by the mainstream mentality, of what we should do, to raise our kids), it’s very sad”.

I feel the same about the tower gardens, and the plants that require no soil to grow.

Just like they say in this video, solar panels, electrical cars, packaging, they make it seem like a positive step in the right direction, and yet it continues to be fake and non-sustainable.

We have to be willing to get our hands dirty, and actually have contact with the earth and the natural processes of uncontrollable, self-correcting, biodiverse, nature. Anything less, is an impoverished education, imo.

The more disconnected we are from nature, the more we want to fill the void with “stuff”.

Coh is not a problem, it’s really not.

Consumerism and lack of community is the problem. I love what they say in this documentary, about how much we get from helping each other with our skills, and how, in the past, we knew everyone we saw on a daily basis very well, unlike now, when you can go so many places and never see anyone you know. This is why we have coh. We are not pulling our own weight, and we are relying too much on selling to too many people! If we could all just be real, and grounded, and connected locally, not dreaming of being somewhere else or buying something else...

As much as I would like to be appreciated, it is more important for me to be real, and that is why I am posting this here, because we need to find our selves again.

Only when you know who you are, can you solidly grow, to make a positive impact on this world. And further removed from that, this is the only way that life will inspire you to want to live, to see what happens next.

As they say in this documentary: Non-stop economic growth is the problem, eventually one day, everything has to be back by nature, and, well, nature isn’t backing us up anymore!

Learn from their wisdom (and more):

It is time to stop fighting and figure out who you are!!

I think my role is in bridging the wisdom from many places, to hold space for who you are, and to clear the trauma from when other people tried to mold you, to be who they wanted you to be, so you can finally be who you were meant to be, with zero ego attachment from me, on who you might become, because who you are is more than I could ever imagine.

I imagined me, and you imagined you.

Care to finally remember and thrive?

Alahnnaa Campbell

Guide to Conscious Living and Multidimensional Health

ps. one of my favorite lines in this documentary is “nature doesn’t do waste, that’s a human concept”. Nature also didn’t fail to complete your immune system, that too is a human concept. Please see above regarding mono-culture to understand why. If you live in harmony with nature, you don’t need any Vs (which are essentially pesticides for humans). You deserve to be organic, GMO-, hormone-, and antibiotic- free, just like the food we should all be eating, no more plastic chemicals!


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