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Gemini Sun and North Node - maybe the kids have the answer

As a mom of 3 young kids, I hear a lot of nuggets of wisdom from what my kids watch and listen to.

If you scroll through my Insta profile, you will see the many thought provoking quotes that I have share, from their movies and shows.

Today, with the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius ♐️, which means Sun in the opposing sign (Gemini: siblings and children), paired with the north node (our growth trajectory, to make this an eclipse), we have to become more child-like.

Sagittarius is also ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter recently moved into Pisces (my son’s natal moon sign) on my his birthday (May 13th), after spending only 5 months, as opposed to the normal 1 year per sign, in Aquarius. See my last two blog posts/articles for more on this.

Jupiter rules the centaur shooting an arrow (Sagittarius: I know) and the creative pair of emotional fish (Pisces: I believe). These are very different strong statements and visions, used to guide our lives.

As I was thinking about sharing this movie with you:

...which shows what happens when a tech company makes a mistake, and what those in the background are really doing with the V, and why (Pisces hurt feelings), and what it takes for a family to work together, learn their lessons, and live a kinder life, where all things are possible.

So, as I was thinking about that ^^, I got a distinct visceral feeling that something bit the tip of my right index finger.

In Esogetic Medicine, each finger is tied to one of the astrological signs/planets, and the right index is tied to Saturn (old structures, systems, and ways of doing things, practical but cold), traditional ruler of Aquarius (which is co-ruled by Uranus, Saturn’s father, time to break all the rules). And Jupiter is also Saturn’s son, so this is definitely a parent-child, healing of generational wounds, family affair!

The bite ^^ reminded me of this song:

And “this little finger on my right” (from the song in the image above) is tied to Scorpio/Pluto (my natal sun sign and my son’s ascendant/rising). Problems here indicate that the ego has created such a rigid tight structure, that the soul can no longer fulfill its life purpose (the sun).

This ^^ is the only time souls abort mission, and people die.

The only other time we die, is when we got what we came for and feel complete. I used to get scared, that I would die if I figured it all out, but that’s not true, if you figure it all out, your time of death becomes your choice!

People are dying (or coming down with all kinds of strange symptoms right now), because the heat has literally been turned up, and they refuse to unM, stand in their power, grow, let go, and make a change (or several, as the case may be).

As the song (imaged above) says “6-7-8-9-10 then I let it go again”.

We need to grow, we need to embrace our creativity, our power, we are so much more than this!

Yesterday I was thinking: in theory, those who want a V, there is one, take it, those who don’t want it, don’t take it, everyone live your life, and move on.

But, the way life works is: you learn your lesson and change or the lesson keeps on coming back.

Don’t play the victim, don’t pray for change, wake up and face your past.

There is a beautiful gift waiting for you to claim, this is what your soul is here for, and your soul won’t allow your life to move forward with health without it, it is the only reason we ever get sick.

You know that feeling “like we forgot something, but we don’t know what”? You did, go back and set it right, you are loved!

Those in their power will be fine either way, we signed up for this. Those refusing to stop doing what they do will continue to suffer. It’s that easy.

I know most people can’t hear me right now. I am expanding (Jupiter) in Pisces.

Jupiter sits in Gemini, in the 3rd house (communicating my truth) of my natal chart. This is “easy” for me.

Its not that I don’t care. I just know there is a better way of doing things. Jupiter confidence!

I’ve also done a lot of work on my self. I don’t do anything that does not align with my truth, and if I do, I can feel it right away and I try to make it right, because I know how to work with my body, emotions, mind, and visionary gifts.

I am very comfortable working in the depths of my own fire, water, and air, and I am working on getting my barrings with the earth element. I’ve hired some people to teach me what my momma never could, and my first two kids were born with an earthy Taurus sun sign.

We need to master all 4 elements and live at the center, the seat of the soul, paraphrased from:

Stop drowning and start swimming (it’s much more fun, and those who would have save you have already come and gone).

I regularly have to walk away from those who can’t listen, who are pretending to be drowning, because I know we all can swim, and when I lend a hand, they pull me in, and that’s not how it’s supposed to go!

You can save your self, it’s the only way!

Guidance is available, when you’re ready.


Alahnnaa Campbell

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