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Hormones, brainwave programs, generational patterns, clearing garbage with Esogetics and RestoreChi

I disconnected my parental imprints a few days ago:

It was a simple Esogetic process, with an interesting effect. After receiving a text, I developed a physical sensation of fear and anxiety in my bones, that was mostly concentrated in my elbows (where we decide whether to make room for ourselves using aggression or grief). As the day went on, this sensation transfered to my legs. The next morning my legs continued to feel weak, like I had just run a marathon, or was just learning to walk again.

I had just finishing my period, which started 6 days earlier than expected, so maybe I was hormonally taped out. I took a RestoreChi bath with Epsom salts and did the following treatment, to address the karma I may have brought with me into this life:

I often find, one Esogetic treatment generally requires further treatment, in order to clear out the issue. I like that I can go back and forth between modalities, to find the easiest route, to address the symptoms, as they come up. It's not what everyone wants to hear, but entering into Esogetics is a series of journeys, and often many modalities (which means multiple expenses and contacts) is the best way to go.

I haven't gotten around to treating the indications in my eye for the hand-mouth line yet (where people eat too much, refuse to change, and have mouth/dental/canker problems, and weak hands). My hands are wrists act up quite a bit, especially when I am trying to overgive or grasp/articulate meaning.

It's interesting, because I recently noticed, that the people I tried so hard to prove my worth to in the past few years, are now falling behind what I thought their potential to be. But maybe that's because, it was not their potential that I saw in them, but my own. And for the first time that I can recall, after the treatments above, in the middle of my meal, which I was forcing myself to finish, because I don't like to waste, I nearly threw up, as if I had alcohol poisoning. I immediately spat out the food I had in my mouth, and stopped eating. It's weird because even if I am very sick, I generally do not throw up. My body is giving me new signals, this is great!

Then, as I was doing the opening session for the Transmitter Relays (more on this later, but see the image below) my hands started to cramp, the worst that they have in a while. I soaked them in some warm RestoreChi water, and they are doing much better now.

Here is a figure for the Transmitter Relays:

Basically, we are transcendence (love, light, peace). But in life we experience shock and conflict that we don't know how to digest, and so our transcendence has trouble shining through, to our intellect and this life. The more we work with the transmitter relays, the more our transcendence can shine through, and knock out of the way, all of the blocks (which are un-digested trauma and conflict), bringing them to the surface to be released, and giving us more room to express who we truly are.

I used to have a friend, who would take me driving through the mud, with the top and doors off his jeep:

This is all good and fine, if the person knows how to thoroughly clean their jeep inside (the mechanical parts) and out, and if they know they are a jeep to begin with. Not all of us are built for this kind of wear and tear, and the clean up job required afterwards.

Onto hormones, from an Esogetic perspective, take a look at the following diagrams:

...when we have hormone insufficiency, the lymphatic system can no longer pump to process out negative emotions and garbage. This leads to a collection of garbage, which can cause inflammation, rigidity, and possibly cancer.

One can say, the cascade of hormone insufficiency towards illness is the result of an exhausted HPA axis, due to chronic stress, but, as you can see, in the diagram above, there are cortisol-related problems and gonadotropin-related problems.

I find it interesting, because so many women take synthetic hormones and then struggle, not only with fertility but also with kicking off the hormone cascade required for the birth of their children without induction (more synthetic hormones).

It's very common to see a generational transmission of mother-daughter menstrual issues, becoming pregnant, and poor relationships.

We have 6 generations of cellular baggage to clear for ourselves and our kids.

Esogetic brainwave programs can help, because perception is via the Thalamus. And the rigidity that results from the collection of garage (or the mud in and on our jeep), comes from faulty perception, which makes it almost impossible for us to process our emotions or conflicts (or to know that we even need to clean our jeep inside and out, let alone, how).

Two brainwave programs that are especially helpful, if someone has built up so much garbage, that they have received a cancer diagnosis: Conflict T1 and Conflict T2 (T stands for thalamus). When you change the way you perceive the world and your experience with others, you change the way you feel and the way you live. There is no illness that doesn't first reside as a dysregulation in the brainwave patterns.

Another important component is Sleep 1 and 2, Rest 1 and 2, PowerNap and Dream, not to mention Stress Immune, Stress Hormone, and Stress Spasm. We need sleep in order to restore our body and brain, and we need guidance from spirit through our dreams.

We are so programmed by society and our upbringing (not to mention entertainment, technology, and societal/peer pressure). The Cerebral A program is appropriate clearing some of this. In Cerebral P, the P stands for physical parasites, in Cerebral A, the A stands for alternative, which means mental parasites, aka people/technology trying to take over our mind, emotions, and thoughts. When reminded of what healthy brainwave patterns look like, the body will choose health over disorder, most of the time.

Finally, Children 1 and Children 2 can give back some of what was taken from childhood, when life was supposed to be more relaxed and carefree, and Gamma40 can detox the brain.

I have all these tools and more, for clients to see what works best for them.

Here is the list of all the available Esogetic brainwave programs, with units on sale until May 31st, 2023 (I don't make commission on product sales, just on time spent with clients, for them to discover what works for them):

Brainwave programs should not be used on kids 12yrs and under, because Esogetics respects developmental readiness. Transmitter relays, and many other Esogetic treatments, can be done on kids, with some modification, as they don't need as hard a push as we do to wake up and clear our garbage, they haven't had time to become as rigid as we are, yet. Esogetics has been around for over 40yrs, so there are many kids who were raised on Esogetics, and they tend to really know who they are and have great confidence when they grow up. We won't be perfect parents, but we can clear our kids, and we can clear our selves.

Here is a post, that begins to allude to what may be needed, for this epidemic of sensory processing issues, that seems to be running rampant now. Are people asking where all this is coming from, and how to resolve it, or are they just going to accept living disordered, instead of changing their lives, to what might be more respectful for them? We are different in our needs, because we are different in what we came here to do and to teach, we all have value, we all matter:

I hope this is helpful, for you to see some of the options available, and to know why it is important.

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