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How to live peacefully with the matrix

…we keep our island in our mind, and when it’s time to find home, we know the way!

I am just beginning to watch this series: Life After People

The other day I picked up my old cell phone, the one I didn’t think needed to be replaced, though I do love that my newer cell phone, after I turned off the fhive gee that was literally making me deathly ill, can hold a longer charge and recharge much faster.

My old phone, without my regular use, felt like a brick, lifeless. Even though it still works and has value. Without our engagement with machines, there is no blood running through its veins, no life force. And this is fine, but also, we have a choice.

We build and explore in order to discover our selves and understand what we are capable of, what we like and desire, what others can benefit from, etc.

I’ve always felt guilty about over consuming, but this video seems to suggest that the earth is capable of breaking down and rebalancing anything that we stop using, even if the way in which the earth does it reveals things that we think are gross.

Light and dark, masculine and feminine, push and receive, learn and integrate.

We can be more responsible. Use the tools we have built, without over taking, return the items we have used as best we can, as we would attempt to clean up a classroom or our house after an explosion of fun.

We don’t need to fear computers and we don’t need to give our full life to them either. We don’t need likes on our post for our posts to count as being put out there. Don’t discount the spiritual matrix, which no censorship can stop. A thought processed to completion counts, even if no one reads it, it is recorded and accessible in the consciousness grid.

I hope this does this topic justice, and if not I will adjust as I realize more. And likewise, we don’t have to read others’ posts to listen. Their energy is accessible, and we may think it’s our own, and that’s ok too, what resonates, resonates. No one needs credit. We put out there what matters to us, and whatever is aligned grows. Like plants, seeds, you water and nurture and learn what the environment is and is not capable of supporting. No one can stop that, even if they try.

So, work on what you know, to discover the next step. Grow with us, let go, and grow some more. Don’t lose your self. Balance and listen to your body. Take breaks, love, pause, build.

We are here to discover how all of this works, how we work, who we want to be, not as a job, but as a contributor to life and a creator of things that inspire. You can do it, or you never would have been chosen to be born.

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