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I FINALLY understand why TCM has no disease labels - prenatal, generational, and societal factors

Take a look at this diagram:

What are you going to call the "disorder" on the left verses the "disorder" right, and then what do you call the "disorder" where the social difference goes down but something else goes up, etc.

It's not all different types on autism. It's all different forms of imbalance. But when you call it "imbalance" this implies that it is possible to restore balance. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn't.

When a child is born from material and in an environment that is very impoverished, from many dimensions that we can't see (or that we don't want others to see, and we wish we could have moved away from), then sometimes things can never be the picture of health and function. But this for me is to teach us how far our genetic line and social culture has deviated from health and kindness. We can live with a person/soul who struggles, so that we can understand how to be kind, and not perpetuate the development of children who struggle.

I like this video:

Available here:

Watch the "yin" kid. This is what our body is like if we are imbalanced with too much yin. And look at the other dancers, do you see one that represents how you would prefer to move through life?

Shifting gears a bit, I think we need to be more honest about what is going on with our kids.

This is a post I read a while ago, that has been updated, and I have not read the new version, but I assume the theme is the same, and it's public because the writer wants people to know:

What stands out for me here, is this belief that we need to be tough with our kids. My husband is the same in this belief. I took my life at age 15yrs too, but I was lucky enough to be given the choice to come back, because I was in a good position to serve, and I did. It was a lot of work to detox all of that on my own, but I have. Another friend shares a similar story about her nephew who took his life, and this has inspired her to raise awareness about being on the spectrum.

One perspective from Esogetic Medicine is that the root of addiction is "lack of acceptance from parents in the prenatal phase". Here you will see both my maternal uncles died as a result of addiction:

I know/knew my maternal grandmother well (I even know the energy of my paternal grandmother, who took her life after having her 3rd child, when my dad, the eldest, was only 4yrs old). Of course I never met her in person in this lifetime, but I don't have to, because I understand energetic signatures.

My maternal grandparents were single children and not really cut out to have kids, but they had 4 children together, and you can imagine, when my grandmother was pregnant with subsequent children, her overarching emotion was "not wanting to have another child". And then her sons developed addiction, that drove them away and into their death.

I can relate. I've always wanted to be a mom, but when we suffered a failed IVF round after our first child, I didn't want to try again for a second child. I completely disconnected from the process to protect my own emotions, and then when I was super sick in pregnancy (possibly because of all the toxins from a decade of psychiatric meds and fertility drugs, compounded onto what society exposes us all to, and what we expose ourselves to, out of fear of speaking our truth to parents and step parents who are violent)...

Being sick in my last two pregnancies, for my middle child I literally laid in bed every evening saying to whomever "just kill me", and when we got pregnant with our third child, I literally went to every check up with the thought in mind "if this child is not healthy, I'd like to abort". So sad to grow in that environment. This is why my girls struggle. Not because their dad is not tough enough on them, but because I was way to tough on them, when they grew inside me.

My youngest and I don't go to programs on Tuesdays anymore, because the only programs available on Tuesday are hosted by people who don't understand kids, that they are the product of living in our wombs, and that they carry 6 generations of baggage.

So, we wait for the other programs, where the staff catch my kids where they are at. The one program is pricey, but honestly, I consider it a very inexpensive therapy, for my child to see, it is possible to be understood, supported, and loved.

It's not my husband's fault for his beliefs, nor the program facilitators or grandparents at the other programs that we don't go to, because they don't get it. They are also the product of 6 generations of epigenetic adjustments, for what is needed to survive if your parents don't get it.

I hope this helps bring peace to someone.

I can see sometimes grandparents can have an easier time with their grandkids than their kids, because they can lie to themselves and say "with my grandkids the problem is their parents, not me", but every child was present as an egg inside their mother when their mother was inside their grandmother. We still carry their garbage, our grandkids still carry our garbage. We just need a lot more love and a lot less blame, balanced with a lot more ownership of "yeah, you know, I was like that then, that was about me, but it also impacted you, how can we make things right, with time?"

And this is why I think we have so many "autistic" (and any other label) people on the planet right now. We have reach maximum toxic load, it's time to detox, and do some actual real science, beyond tunnel vision of just this lifetime.

Something my teacher shared with our class: "don't worry, there is always time for repair, that's what our relationship with our parents (especially our mother) is all about, healing the wound (or illusion) of separation (everything we do impacts others), we all screw up, sometimes for decades" and some of us, probably even for lifetimes.


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