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If "even children are capable of assessing their Esogetic needs" why do I take people to Master Yan?

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Master Yan is a true healer, I'm just a dedicated trained technician. Esogetic Medicine is far more gentle and we can address reactions as they come up, but sometimes a person comes to me for something that I feel Esogetic Medicine alone (even combined with RestoreChi monthly tracks, if the client will even accept this small added cost and responsibility) is not enough. I am still learning, and growing exponentially by the day, but I want my clients to feel as good as they can as soon as they can. There are a million things in life to work on, and if we can lob some things off, and then just get to the fine details or the slower path with love, knowing we have removed as much of the additional weight as possible, that makes me feel more at ease.

So, here is our middle child assessing her own Esogetic needs, and the before and after results, as well as treatments chosen and reactions to such treatments:

Allow me to translate. The blue highlighter is her presenting symptoms and finger, toe, and foot sensitivity.

Because she had a lot of toe sensitivity, I did not check all 9 points on the foot, for each sensitive toe. I just ran my thumb down each diagonal line, and asked her if it was more sore at the toe, top of the foot (which is below where the toe connects to the foot), middle of the foot, or bottom (heel). This still gave very accurate results, given her presenting symptoms.

In pencil I wrote what all her sensitivities mean, as well as the treatments to be applied, and the areas where she reacted to treatment (third eye, C7 (a burden to carry, unable to look up), right mid scapula (probably digestive), and clavicle (maybe tonsils, fear), as well as above the navel (stomach)). What she sees ahead may pain her, she is far-sighted, with double vision in her periphery, her gene keys path is to move from chaos to innovation.

As I type this, in the hour following this treatment, she is asking "how many days until I see Master Yan?". Although the Esogetic treatment is processing, and having a good effect: she has already had a bowel movement and a sneeze to clear her sinuses (but wants to stay close to me, as you may have seen in previous articles, she is an IVF baby, and her conception occurred without me there to protect her, never again!).

As you may be able to read in pencil, I applied the Endocrine Basic, Toxic Basic, and Coordination 1 treatments, to help her have the resources to stay grounded in her body, process out the physical and emotional toxins, and get her organs working together.

The issues she presented with (written in blue highlighter) were a good match for the meaning of the sensitivity of her fingers, toes, and feet (written in pencil). The gain we have from having the body confirm the oral report, is we know how to treat the symptoms, as there are many ways to arrive at the same set of symptoms, but only if we listen to the body, can we have a better chance at resolving the issue. When we only treat the oral complaint, chances are we will have more misses than hits. Because our intelligent mind, and what worked for us before, is unlikely to be what the unique client in front of us needs.

The orange highlighter shows that all areas that were sensitive before treatment cleared after treatment, except for two areas that were still the same. One of these areas I treated with adhesive crystals and UV light, the other I am giving more time to process. We do not add more treatments to treat new sensitivities that come up post-treatment, we only want to see if our treatment cleared the sensitivity that was present before treatment.

I know, who has time for all this? Who can afford to actually invest in health. Well, I don't like to let things sit for long. I know that sometimes issues are there for people to learn, and who these people are, is to be determined by what works and what doesn't. I don't like when my husband gets upset with me or the kids because I am spending time assessing or applying treatment, or documenting the results. But, from time to time, I take the hit, to help, and to learn. And I certainly take advantage of when Master Yan is in town!!

I hope this helps. I have to go help my family now.

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