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Insights from Divine Healing

This is also a great documentary, free screening until Aug 1st 2021:

My biggest take away was “the predator always knows who to go for, because they know who is unprotected” and “the wound is that the child goes through the pain alone because the parent is too traumatized to help”.

In my case, I don’t have an addictive physiology. But I do worry about having done something wrong, and I continue to learn and share what I know, because the processing of information is all that I gain pleasure from.

My family is not something I can save, nor are my friends. I can just continue to build my understanding, serve when I am invited to do so, and step aside when all they want to do is serve me their hurt. I can guide people who want to be guided, but I will not take on their bullsh*t, when I already dropped mine, at the bottom of the hill. Let’s go be free.

Sending love 💕

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Alahnnaa Campbell
Alahnnaa Campbell
Jul 30, 2021

The thing I’m most ashamed of or angry about is when I do things to my self that hurts me, like drinking or eating bad food/toxic substances, picking at my skin, continuing to engage with people who continue to hurt me, not listening to the early warning signs, etc. what about you?

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