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Kids understand death, parallel lives, and that we are one

Our 7yr old said the other day “when we’re adults, mom will be in heaven, but dad will still be here…”. She later decided to flip which parent will be in heaven, and, writing this now, I wonder if she means I’ll be in “heaven on earth”, because that is what I am creating with my vibration (but, no, she means dead, and that’s ok). 😂

On our way to return our leased van, our 9yr old said “my friend and I were talking about what happens when you die. I think, since a person is born every second and a person dies every second, that you are just reborn, but you forget your last life, because some people claim to remember their past lives. My friend said that makes sense and added that he thinks you get the choice: to forget and be reborn, or to stay and remember.”

Is this what you thought 9yr olds speak about while playing online games?

I filled my son in on some more terminology and techniques, many from: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

Then he asked me if I thought there was another part of us that experiences the opposite decisions from what we make. Because, sometimes he has dreams of something that later happens.

I explained to him about, not only parallel lives, but also that we are one, every single person any of us sees is us, who made a different decision, somewhere in our multiple lives, and:

This is why it is senseless to argue with each other, because we split ourselves to be able to have different perspectives.

He grasped this easily, and went on to say “so, that person is me, and the sales person is me who decided to do that job”, “yup”.

It was a bit hard for our son to let our van go, but, this is part of the Tibetan practice for what we will face when we die:

Cling and allow your self to be scared by the truth and illusion, and sign yourself up for a worse next cycle, until you can learn to be chill, and know what is.

This is why it is so important to engage in spiritual education, and working with natural cycles, like astrology, and the body.

When we are grounded in some kind of truth, as opposed to what is advertised out there, we have a better chance of moving forward, and not back or in circles (thrown off by the chaos, created by faulty ”this is what I must do”s).

But, I only speak to me, many versions of me.

And, I best start passing on my wisdom, where my books and files are, and how to use my tools, to my kids, who can already grasp much of this, if I am headed for heaven, by the time my kids are adults. 😂

Wishing you an inspiring day!

Learning is everywhere. Will you seize the opportunity to support others and be amazed by what they know?

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