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Life is hard and simple

I watched season 2 of The Bridgertons this weekend, and, what this couple experiences, is what life asks of us.

To do the hard thing, even though it’s uncomfortable. And, we also see history repeat itself, where the perceived failures of our parents (often the mother), are repeated in the child. So the child can finally gain more understanding, and create an opportunity for healing, truth, and love, for everyone.

This is what Esogetic Medicine is about: find the hurdles that were not jumped successfully, and give an impulse, so the person finds it easier, to try the jump again. Allowing our multidimensional bodies, to clear their clutter of unfinished business, which causes pain, illness, and difficulty in relationships and life. Only because, these are the only ways, our life can to signal to us, that attention is needed.

Inside or out, seeing the problem in you or in me, it’s all the same. Life, health, and relationships, flow or they do not. We all have ways in which we could do better.

This audio/write-up is also interesting, for many reasons:

It asks us to find peace.

While I often want to share my opinion, and offer guidance about what I see. My challenge is to not.

To allow people to figure out their own lessons. Without me making them feel shame, in order to try to motivate them. Because I am worthy of that kind of inner peace. We all are.

And this is why Homo Sanctus – The Sacred Human emerges from inside of us, it was always there.

The more I work on me, the less I see in others, that I feel the need or responsibility to fix.

Sending love, and hopefully, at some point, similar flow and inner peace, if that should be the path you choose, for this life. 🦚

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