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Ongoing review of The Event

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

This article will evolve as I learn more.

From The Event, the first video I watched was:

… I didn’t get very far into watching this, because this is just plain common sense to me. I don’t need to be taught that the body has symptoms to communicate what it needs, and that you can’t just dr-ugh, cut, fry, or vitamin away (I love that he said symptomattic treatment with dr-ughs or vitamins is just as bad, you need more), you actually need to connect with how you feel, work with it, and let it go. This is literally what Esogetic Medicine is for: to connect you with why you have symptoms, and give you the opportunity to process what remained unprocessed, so you can gain the lesson, and let the baggage go. And sometimes we need to remind the body of what health looks like, and hold space long enough, for the body to choose health over illness. In the end it’s often just about love and acceptance of self: are we worthy? I love when he says: “we live in a culture where we are not allowed to feel, we numb everything, and that means we can’t listen to the needs and teachings of our body”. In my experience: symptoms come and go all the time, not always with a big production of illness, sometimes just a small request for care, and sometimes the big production of illness is necessary, to bring us to our teachers, or to teach us something important. What a beautiful tribute to (and gift from) the wife he lost to illness.

I love that they totally went there and said “a lot of people are suddenly realizing: they have been in a co-parenting relationship with the g-o-v and that this co-parent is abusive, and now they have to divorce them, in a non-messy way, because messy divorces always hurt the children”. With wisdom like that, I agree, she is raising a special child. Many of us are. And I also appreciate the balanced and fair perspective: not everything need be thrown out, not everyone need be hated. We just need think consciously and caringly, and do what feels best for all. I also like when they said “if we are locked out of concerts, we can get together as a community, to create our own entertainment, when was the last time we did that?”. Another thing I like from their share is when the last person says: I think there are 3 possible outcomes; 1) complete toe-tally-tarianism, 2) a divided society, half being con-trolled and half living their own joyful self-sustained lives, and 3) where those building the parallel reality now become the soft landing place for those who are con-forming now, so eventually it’s easier for them to get the courage to cross the bridge, and you build option 3) by working on option 2), allowing everyone to have free will.

I feel the title is misleading. These are dieticians. Diet is very important. They also talk about how they’ve never isolated any disease, and about terrain theory. They acknowledge that C is not just some mild nothing, but also that it is not something that naturally occurred either. I may keep watching to see where it goes…

…again, I like that they put the responsibility back on the person, saying it is not the man-dates out there that are hurting us, we are free and sovereign within our selves, and fighting all that is an adolescent version of who we could be. We don’t need to fight for freedom, because freedom is ours already! This is what I have noticed all along, those who fight are literally still teenlagers fighting with their parents over curfew. I stopped listening to my parents a long time ago, because I’ve already recognized how dysfunctional they are. My parents are emotionally still 4yr olds. I don’t need to argue with them or ask their permission on anything.

January 3rd, 2022, and I just heard them say in this video: if you want to shut down a legal system, go to honour. Check out the gene key we are currently working through right now:

Now you see can why they call an early New Years (Jan 1st instead of Jan 22nd), so we never get to mastering this lesson, see:

They also say Man and Women created, then a long list of things which include gov-urn-ment and the legal system and the plaintiff and the pay-rent (paying rent to the g-o-v for our children). I wonder if this is why they are trying to get us to state our pronouns, and claim to be any gender other than Man or Women (to be socially correct of course), because Man and Woman are capable of determining their own laws. We don’t need “Miranda’s rights”, just our own, and gov-urn-ment (civil servants) serve us, if they choose to. They don’t decide for themselves to be tie-ran-nickel. No wonder the world is such a mess right now, we have forgotten who we are and have given our power away!

What stuck with me at the end of the video is how we diminish ourselves with titles and adjectives. Even the term human is just a shade of man, a hue. It makes me wonder if the renaming of the Museum of Man to the Museum of Civilization was an attempt to disempower, masked as an attempt to be politically correct and inclusive. Even woman is a man with a womb, but we are all equal, some of us can grow babies inside our bodies, and some of our bodies can deposit a seed in another and then their body can grow a baby. We are our powerful selves first, who sometimes operate in various ways, doing various things, but those things we do are not who we are.

This video so far has proven to be very interesting:

…in that we really need to find harmony in our body, with all the microbes and illness inside it us, so we can tolerate illness passing through and around us. We can’t be mono-anything and have health. We need to be open to feel, and know how to self care, and nature will organize itself, as we are exposed to the lessons we came for. It is not competition it’s cooperation.

More as I learn more.

Sending love 💕

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