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Our habits mask our issues

Today is the birthday of the founder of Esogetic Medicine, and also our 3rd child. That is no coincidence.

Here are some quotes from a book sharing information lost when the Library of Alexandria was destroyed. Our 2nd child bears this name (in a veiled format), also not a coincidence (when you see { it’s a conversion issue and was meant to be “fi”):

As the title of this article alludes to, I had a habit of drinking a coffee every day. I got tired of getting headaches every time I skipped drinking my coffee, so I quit coffee. While the severe headaches are gone, I still have chronic tension in my head, neck, and shoulders. This is what the daily coffee was hiding from me. Of course, I will clear it, now that I understand. But, mainstream makes it seem like "oh, it's a coffee addiction, those are withdrawal symptoms", maybe, or maybe, we do things to mask our pain, and this allows the damage to settle in deeper.

Before getting to the steak of the article, I'll add my multiple takes on sciatica (which I dealt with earlier this week, and is about blocks to walking our life path). From an Esogetic Medicine perspective, there were a lot of bladder, gallbladder, and endocrine points to treat. Fear (kidney/bladder), following our life path (having the gall to do it), being able to stay present without dissociating (having enough endocrine capacity). From a RestoreChi perspective, the bladder meridian runs through the low back (where pain there can represent feeling unsupported by others), and sciatica is about chill on the nerve. From a Medical Medium perspective, everything is EBV, and when you overlay RestoreChi and Medical Medium concepts, you get that dampness lets in the chill, just like EBV lets in the toxins.

We are a mess! And, to top this off, here are some slides from the online training I am currently going through:

Now, before we jump to conclusions, let me remind you of the anchoring book above: we choose how we want to see this. Esogetic Medicine says, it doesn't matter if you look at the V or LongC the outcome is the same, we are hit where we are weak. Read the facebook groups for either topic (V injury or LongC) and you will find, they are making the exact same complaints, but laying the blame on each other. This client didn't even know anything had changed for him. He regularly went for Esogetic Medicine treatments and he regularly looked like the "picture from the past". Then suddenly he looked like "picture 1", in which is his feet (our sleep, regenerative capacity, and when things land in the body causing damage) are crying for help. His image translates to: issues in the Thalamus (ability to perceive, consciousness), the maxillary sinus (cellular consciousness, all of the emotions we have ever felt, stored in all our cells), blocked kidney and metabolism, vertical conflict (life path information cannot enter), and issues clearing the lymph (our emotional and physical garbage). They applied this single treatment, the client said his head opened up, and his kirlian photo returned to what it used to be, while also revealing some new issues to work on. And, the next day, the client was able to remember what was new: he had taken dose 3 of the V the day prior.

Again, let me remind you, it does not matter if you take the V or you develop LongC, it's all the same. We need to process this garbage in order to ascend to a new way of living on this planet. So, instead of hating each other, for our bodies revealing to us what we need to work on, why not work on our selves?

I'll be honest, I am a bit crazy in my thinking, but, I thought for a moment, "wow, if this V can reveal my issues, what I still have left to work on, bring it on, maybe I should take it", but, then I remembered: I already had C, it taught me a lot, and I learned a lot from reacting to people who got the V, and their housemates (as I am sensitive enough to feel it through someone who is around someone who has it). I still have heart issues and vaginal bleeding at times, around key people, places, or issues. That's right, the person need not be present, simply mention them, and I start to bleed. We are one. And I don't need to poison myself to know my weakness, I feel it all the time. Detox is a lot of work, and I still have a lot more work to do, I don't need more on my plate, do any of us?

So, where to do we go from here? Well, the big message so far in the book above is "choice". Those who "choose" to work on themselves, to live as if heaven is already here, get to stay in a vibration of love and peace and working together. We have choice. If we return our kids to the school system, we can choose to believe that the people there are good, or we can choose to believe that they are evil, and each belief may in fact dictate our experience, and our trajectory.

In order to protect my husband, I wanted him to believe the V was bad, and now that he does, I need him to stop believing that people are dumb or bad, because, in going too far, we seal our fate. While, it would be nice if life were "one battle won and done", it's not like that. We need to make "choice", "choose" to change, and keep changing, and let go. Even if this makes all those people who irritated us seem right, peace is more important, a better life on this planet is more important.

Sending love, I hope this helps.

We can get through this, because the only way out is through.

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