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Pluto has a heart, and we must offer it forgiveness, if we want full disclosure

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Have you ever held onto a lie (building a nest around it with more lies if you have to), even though you wanted to tell the truth, because you were afraid the other person would get so upset, that they wouldn’t be able to hear your side of the story, and that your admittance would result in revenge from more people than you can handle, for a duration beyond what you are willing to pay, so you continue to lie, and this continues to hurt everyone?

Well, that’s where we are at!

We have a generation of people, born mid October 1973 to July 1981 (who would be 40-49yrs old in 2022), born with Eris opposing Pluto in their natal chart. See (from:;

Please read the text above, to understand (some of) the gifts and burdens of this generation (especially if you are a part of it, or find your self upset with people who are a part of it). Also, if you are born in this bracket, check your natal astrology chart, to see if you also have the nodes of the moon or a personal/inner planet (sun, moon, mercury, venus, or mars) or both, aligned or in an important aspect to this opposition, this will tell you how important your role is, or this lesson is, for you to work with.

Opposition is important, because this is when we can objectively see the other, the planets are directly aligned, facing one another, in a full moon enlightened state.

In a closing square, we are asked to get rid of anything that no longer serves the next generation (and what qualifies for no longer being of service to us may change as we expand our come-passion and consciousness).

It’s clean up time!

Eris (how things impact others) is willing to put Pluto (extreme power) in its place!

While some people have fear when facing those who seem to hold power over them (my guess is: this because they never really won that battle against unjust power, and don’t realize power comes from within, we give it away, or not), others know to use their skill and come-passion to take power down (which is why many of the best books are writen by those who are wrongly imprisoned, hiding in an attic, exiled, or taken to a camp).

Two things I would like to share on this are this image:

nd this

…and this video/podcast:

Pluto has a heart, and it’s growing (or is this damage and inflammation?).

This is sad, because they have known, since before approving the V for kids 5-11yrs, that the V causes considerable damage to the heart muscle (see this excerpt from the Heart and Stroke Foundation website):

…the highlighted text, which was later watered down, reads: “At the time of this report, these changes persist for at least 2.5 months post second dose of V. We conclude that the emm-are-en-eh Vs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following the V.”

When you damage heart tissue, you literally limit heart rate variability, which is literally limiting the heart’s ability to be subtle and flexible, which not only has devastating impacts on the sport field (see below), but also in one’s ability to react in a flexible way with kindness.

The heart is one of our 3 brains: we have a cerebral brain, a gut brain, and a brain in our heart. This is literally brain damage (and likely to all 3 brains!).

This is why we often see people who have Ved (or who are around people who have Ved, because it sheds) become very aggressive, and then almost forget they were aggressive, this is also a common sign for dementia (or other forms of brain damage, I.e., concussion).

Back to some more evidence, for now.

Here are the rates of heart problems they expected verses what they observed post-V by age and sex:

…and this is the reason experts are concerned:

…the highlighted text above reads “And over the course of several years many of those children will die. Dr. Anthony Hinton ("Consultant Surgeon with 30 years experience in the NHS") points out that myocarditis has a 20% fatality rate after 2 years and a 50% fatality rate after 5 years.”

As the video/podcast (link above and below) says “if we want disclosure, we need to be willing to take revenge off the table”. They have killed children and more will die. Here are the athletes I mentioned:

…dying (at play) on the sport’s field (not the battlefield) is one thing, but then you’re dead.

It’s all those who witness it (in person or via media) who know: it was the man-dah-tory V, that took these players from the top of their game, to their death (and who’s next, especially if they keep up with the boo-stirs), who have to continue to process the trauma of what was done, and the shallow reasons for why.

Some say “people have to die for the greater good”, but killing off children and young adults is not for the greater good.

We need to offer these people, with tainted views of reality, an out, or they have no place to go, but up the stairs in a scary movie, if you know what I mean, that never has a good outcome.

So, let’s just say: “you know, we messed up, big time, we need to stop, we need to learn kindness, we need to learn self care, we need to respect boundaries”.

If you’re in your 40s right now, born with Pluto in Libra, please read the lessons above again.

We need to teach fairness, despite the opposition we will face from others.

We need to put a human heart in everyone, care about everyone, even the greedy, the mean, the stupid, and the powerful yet powerless (which is why they use their power in this way).

Reminds me of this joke:

This stops as soon as we stop.

Some people think re education camps are waiting for those who won’t con-form. And, scarier still, some people think we deserve to be put there. But, I am hoping that has changed for many, as the premier of our province recently said “it doesn’t matter if you’ve had 1 or 10 doses of the V, you’re still going to get C, it’s time to move on and learn to live with it!”

I hope this helps.

I think those who were kind before, may have avoided some of these complications, because they had enough heart rate variability and emotional intelligence to weather the physical attack from the V, but many people are physically restrained (due to scar tissue limiting the variability of their heart/brain right now), and this is why they are unkind.

Those who have Ved, and are still able to be kind, rather than say “well, I’m fine”, why not show off what the human spirit is capable of, and offer your service of understanding and come-passion?

Those who remain Vfree, let’s send love to the Ved and those pushing the V, and hope it supports them to heal.

Maybe they will realize it’s better to stop this than to continue to lie.

If we take the need for revenge off the table, maybe we can have some truth and disclosure, and this will stop the con-spear-i-see, because people only create these stories when they know something is not right and they are just trying to make sense of it, so they can feel safe and know how to cope.

Please watch/listen to the video/podcast I mentioned above, here is the same link again, for your consideration:

V facts and screenshots from the work of Dr. Bryan Ardis, care of filmmaker Jonathan Otto. Link initially absent, to buy them some time, sadly now many who tried to warn others about the dangers of the V appear to be playing the game of division “who’s side are you on”, my answer:


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