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Refusing to deal with trauma (by locking it in ice) or opening up (so we can tend to our inner fire)

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

I’ve been enjoying the writings of Sue Kientz lately. I believe this article ( is where she says “Vesta moves on first, Sedna lingers a little longer”.

While we all have our own interpretation of what these newer found dwarf planets and asteroids mean, to me, Sedna (a far out cold dwarf planet) is about inaction and being a victim and Vesta (a nearby major asteroid) is about knowing the importance of self care and setting healthy limits to keep our inner flame alive.

We are locked together and inseparable, despite what we believe. And, as I’ve mentioned in my articles on learning disabilities: museum displays of astronomy make me feel so sad, because they take what is alive, dynamic, supportive, loving, a part of and very capable of guiding us, and pin it down as if it were dead static information from something disconnected from us. Like a dead museum of relatives who are actually very alive and well and trying to help. We are the ones who are dead, in my opinion, if we can’t see that!

I really like Sue, and her work, and we appear to have different opinions on what we need to do to get through this pan-dem-ick. I don’t know who is right. I respect that she knows things I don’t, and she is probably in a different age bracket with different risk factors. This also means our outcomes are different, because the roles we need to serve differ (I as a mom of young kids, and she as a passer on of a lifetime of collected information).

While I have Sedna in my 1st house and I may appear to others to be a victim, I don’t feel I have a victim bone in my body. I have Quaoar (another dwarf planet) conjunct my natal Sun and sextile my MC, and Saturn in my house of fun. According to Sue’s book “More Plutos”, Quaoar is the game player, and that is literally my life’s work in Human Design, my natal sun sits in the I’ching lesson 28, the game player.

I also have natal Varuna (another dwarf planet) in my 2nd house, what I value. It’s interesting that the glyph for Varuna is an eye, and Sue describes it’s meaning in one of her articles ( as writing lies. I am a writer, do I write lies, do I value writing lies, or can I hold my self to a higher standard, knowing that I can have an impact by sharing what I see, and I need to be responsible with the impact that I may have, especially with Varuna opposing my natal Neptune (illusion, deception, and truth from beyond), and sitting at 150 degrees from my natal Uranus (conjunct my natal Mercury and Sun) and my natal MC (my life purpose may be out of the box communication with the public, with a twist of the game player, Quaoar, involved). Something that sits at 150 degrees often requires constant adjustment to get it right.

This gives me pause, which is good. It’s responsible. I’ve realized lately, those of us with better skills need to step up and be better, do better. Yes, we can be human and have fun, but that’s not what we’re here for.

I find Sedna’s orbit of 11,400 years to go around the sun/earth/astrological signs very interesting, because this is very close to a Kali Yuga (maybe off by a zero, move the comma, but who’s counting, maybe this is where my writing appears to reflect lies?). A Kali Yuga is an era in our travel away from source, and then back towards source. Earth is the furthest any planet has ever traveled from source/oneness/love. It makes sense that the majority of people are living out icy cold traumatic Sedna themes right now. I am not from here, this is not my game. I don’t have the patience for it, nor the time. We need to snap out of the ice, have love for our selves, and remember who we are: our fire, value, and self care to keep it alive. I’ve never been a victim, even when I was a victim. I’ve never sat in inaction, I’ve never waited to be saved, I’ve probably had my fingers chopped off (a Sedna theme) when I failed to let go sooner, because I was unappreciated and needed elsewhere.

Anyhoo, the point: I understand, the majority of you are traumatized, from generations of trauma, from millennia of going deep into separation, from thinking you need to fight to survive. And I know the me-dia offers at least two opposing perspectives, based on who they think you are and what they think will polarize you further. The question is: do they do this to be malicious, or are they simply trying to meet your target market, to entertain and show you what you want to see, so you keep watching?

I’ve noticed recently, in the past, I would have never been pro watching all these alternative health recommendations, but then there was a small window where these alternative health folk spoke truth. And then, they ran off the deep end, and tried to make themselves super rich with the “you need everything“ ban wagon. Just like the book Animal Farm, they recreate what they said was wrong with big harm-us in the first place. Because they want a piece, instead of just empowering others to do for themselves. And that is where I unsubscribed. I never got into crypto, because I don’t care about amassing large amounts of money, I have skills instead.

The paragraph above is just an example of how the US is going through something major right now. We Canadians can hold space for them, with love. They fought for independence, we stayed more connected to mama UK. Now they are in a scramble, and we can love them, understand them, we are all humans, all souls, this is not our ban wagon, we can get off it and send love.

I hope this helps and isn’t too cryptic.

Bottom line: if you can do better, be better. I hold my self to a higher standard (while not believing I need to spoon feed others, unless they ask me to slow down), and if you can, I hope you will too.

We need all the real lightworkers to get their heads out of the butts and release their egos, help by setting a better example. We’ve seen all of this before, we’re here to guide those who are willing, to a better outcome. Or we will just do this again. Groundhog Day, literally:

While the odds appear to be highly against us, I think this is because we were conditioned to believe “winter is bad, we can’t face our shadow, or the trauma we froze, moving on faster is better”. But it’s not. What you run from doesn’t go away, it wreaks havoc. This is why the groundhog often looks, he’s smarter than us, he’s buying us time to do better, he’s a teacher.

Look at your shadows, take your time, do a better clean up job in your balsamic moon (winter) phase, grow strong in the dark, so you can push through to the light, as the saying goes:

…you need to take your coat off at the gates of the underworld, if you want to materialize your petaled body.

Having read the above, Sue reminded me (as we know): "There are two sides to every planet. Varuna in my experience is very creative and usually expresses in words or print. When you write you create a new world (from scratch or you might present a vision of life). Positive manifestations are those who indeed create a fictive world that perhaps teaches or entertains, or sheds new light on certain people or ways of life. Those with hard aspected Varuna alternately might be tempted to use their powers to mislead with words. Lying is a very easy way (you only have to speak or write a letter) to mislead someone or deflect from someone knowing the truth about something. But I would not say Varuna aspects/placements always mean that person is a liar. Usually if someone is selfish or self interested they could misuse their Varunan abilities. But if one is more broad in their identification of who they are (not just a self but a mother as you mention for yourself), then you are more likely to create good worlds, teaching stories, than stories that mislead others. I don’t see you as wanting to mislead although you do keep your message slightly veiled (but perhaps that’s the Neptune opp Varuna). Likewise, Sedna is not just in danger of being victimized. She can become steadfast even in the midst of terrible times. The USA sun in secondary progression conjuncted USA’s p Sedna when the pandemic hit. We must be steadfast and endure this time so we can make it to the other side. This is an experience no one alive has ever endured. We have a lot to be thankful for. Finally, Quaoar can play games, take risks, and experiment, or just play and be creative, like participating in the arts."

I am grateful for what Sue has shared, and I wanted to pass it onto you. Yes, my work is veiled, that way only the people who "get it" would follow up for more, and that is ok with me. We all serve a unique and important purpose in this life, which is why I feel it is important for us to be our selves, as much as we can allow ourselves to be.


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