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I was considering bringing in another new technology. I may or may not.

The reason I was considered it was two fold: 1) to have a faster way to get data about a person, 2) to have an easier way to support the health of my children (and others), which also meant a more hands off way to treat and diagnose.

This product corrects the flow of information and the electrical potential supporting physical health.

I found it interesting that so many people are concerned about being controlled by others who are watching them. While this product shows the potential of doing so, without in-jec-ting anything into their body. Not that this product is bad. The founder understands that scientists need to be responsible for their creations. See a shirt he wore in one of his videos:

By comparison, the Esogetic Medicine process is much slower, both to diagnose and treat, but we learn so much by going through the process. There is a tenderness and love that is absent if you take the faster shortcuts.

We can also scan the TCM organs, as per RestoreChi:

We are capable of so much!

We can scan another to see if the way they are living their life makes sense, has integrity, purpose, and is going towards creating something good. Or. Are they stuck? Have they realized their mistake? Are they oblivious? Or. Are they lying to themselves?

The same decision can be made by different people, and this can turn out to be out of resonance for one person and in resonance for the other.

And if, when we scan ourselves, we come up flawless, our machine (intuition) is broken.

There is no point to scan and find perfection. We are scanning to find the next step for growth. If we stay where we feel we are smarter than everyone else, then we are overstaying at a level for which it is time to move on.

Esogetic Medicine and Healy/TimeWaver can remove blocks, making it easier to see, let go, and move on, which makes life more exciting and fulfilling.

We can’t inspire others to grow if we stay stuck where they are to insult them. And we don’t care for them less if we see they are not in resonance, and yet we do not offer our wisdom, knowledge, or support. They know they can reach for help, and we don’t need to fix anyone.

We can work with them if and when they ask and are ready.

I am happy to opt out of falling into the trap of trying to fix others all the time. I choose peace and personal growth, and the confidence that I can handle what comes my way. How about you?

Sending love 💕

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