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Sound familiar?

I researched Lucifer to better understand one of my clients. This lead me to learn about Inanna, the goddess who removed a layer of her ego, for every door she passed through, on her way to hell, in order to support others.

When I did more research on the topic, I found this:

It’s time to remember what we are really capable of!

Although I co-teach Astrology, there is a lot that can be added, to bring back the feminine perspective!

The fall is not the fall, the goddess left us to recuperate in her balsamic moon phase, she is waking, and she would have surfaced when the procession was in Pisces, had we not been caught under a net.

Now we are now in an Air sign, Aquarius is masculine, even though many images depict the water-bearer as a woman. Therefor, together we rise. In a balanced polarity, no more polarized duality.

Astrology is a great way to learn balance between the poles, the only place where we can find peace. But health is never idle. You need continue to engage with life, following the twists and turns. Like a symphony, you need to follow and wait for proper timing, in order to create a masterpiece: Your Life!


Alahnnaa Campbell


Time to start reading something useful, for the times we find our selves in?

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