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Stepping back risk, seeing the bigger picture, a developmental psychologist’s dream

In January 2024 I finally got the medical imaging device for Esogetic Medicine. I quickly took some photos, just to see if the camera worked, but didn't analyze them until recently (March 2024). I was scared when I saw that a sign for a potential heart attack showed up in my husband's photo:

Thankfully, because my husband approaches everything with skepticism, he wasn't too concerned, and said, let's take another photo.

Kirlian photos can show things up to 6 months before they can be seen using mainstream medicine methods (because the Kirlian captures blocks and sufficiencies in energy flow). And, if Esogetic treatment can clear something we see, then what we saw is no longer a big concern.

I think all of this is good, because when people see things in mainstream scans or tests they tend to panic, and that doesn't help the person heal.

The updated photo showed:

...the cramp sign is only on one side now, with insufficiency accross the bottom (chest/lungs, grieving and self love) and up the outer side (small intestines, discernment), with a potential focus of infection (blob) or cellular change, surrounded by stress bundles (strong lines), in the duodenum, and congestion (not light and feathery) in the heart. Again, reminding myself not to panic, although I did give him some RestoreChi tracks, to try to keep this at bay.

After a few treatments, I noticed his thumbs would often "disappear", which can be an indication of insufficiency in pituitary function, which suggests he may not be able to stay in his body to receive treatment (more on this below).

In his last pre-treatment photo, I also noticed what are called "windows", formed by stress bundles and stress rings combined, which suggest that the coordination system (which includes the pituitary) is not working well.

So I applied treatments to keep my husband in his body to receive treatment and to teach his coordination system how to work together again. Here are the before and after photos:

The stress bundles are still there after treatment, but the stress rings on the outside are removed, which means: whatever that has been holding him back has been released.

You can see from the diagrams (above), that the stress rings covered the first 3 phases of prenatal, birth, and childhood, and his hormonal system. With the final phase of prenatal, birth, and childhood being absent/insufficient, and treatment resulted in more reaction in his prostate area (where it was previously reacting, but insufficient). Staying grounded?

When we think of that 4th phase of childhood, that's age 9 (or the year before):

...this is when his mother took the children away from their father (moving several hours away), to extend her family with someone else. While his dad was always present in his life, my husband always missed him. And from about age 16 onward, his mother's second marriage broke up, and way too much was put on my husband to support for his mom and younger siblings.

What's significant for him about age 9 is he has a signficant "beer belly". When I ask if he wants treatment, his primary wish is to get rid of his belly. He thinks diet and exercise are the key. But the belly (which is actually more the intestines than the stomach) is where we connect to the zero point field, our truth, and our life program is downloaded in the first 3yrs of life, if we felt safe, reflected by how well our hormonal system is functioning.

And when we look at the evolution of his left middle finger; through the photos I have taken in the past couple of months: can see he has a recurring indentation in the area that one would assume (from the diagram) is leg and foot (how we walk in this world, something our dad is supposed to teach us, but can't, if he lost his family and is not around) and this is also right below the abdominal zone.

The second last photo (above) was taken after a chiropractor appointment, and the last photo was after the treatments I mentioned above. Which then showed the issue on the diagonal opposite, and disruption in blood circulation to the legs and feet, potentially blocked by the enlarged abdomen?

Finally, if we step back and see the bigger picture, after the most recent treatment:

We see the stomach toe (the one next to big toe) closes (rigidity, nothing flows, "I can't remember") which means 24/7 stress is creating an acidic state, which wears away at the mucosa, joints, and bones.

When the stomach toe closes, we are advised to look up to the index and little fingers, because of the connection between stomach, heart, and the child's consciousness (how they see the world, safe or not, formed at age 9yrs, right after he was taken away from his father).

All of my husband's positive memories are when he was with his dad. His mom had to return to hospital for days shortly after he was born, and he was not allowed to be admitted with her, so he stayed with his dad. Fond memories those two hold, of whom his father always calls "my son" (he also has 3 daughters).

It's nice to see the risk to his heart slowly easing off, to be resolved in the place where it started, instead of where it lands. It's good for me to know the risks and how to mitigate them, so I can hold space for him too. This is why I like to treat the family unit, nothing in isolation. There's still a lot of work to do, but we have time.

We had a win with our middle child last night too, who's attachment struggles are the reason I learned this modality in the first place. She had been experiencing pain around her belly button, fear, and sadness, with no known reason, most nights. Yesterday I applied a treatment for the lung/large intestine function circle (grief and letting go), the elipse of the deep subconscious, and one for fear. She rested for a bit afterwards and then said her fear and sadness went down a lot, and her happiness increased even more. It was so nice to see her shine.

Our bodies need to let go of what happened to us, if we want to have our freedom. But our bodies often need a bit of help organizing what was not fully processed, so it can finally be released.

I wonder if my husband will notice any reactions over time.

I'm grateful there is something we can do, without rushing to mainstream medicine, which doesn't feel like health, nor would they take the time to try to find, see, or hold space, to heal the bigger picture.

My husband has worked with a talented healer in the past and I was told that my husband didn't respond to treatment because of his karma = he needs to take action in his life. But maybe, as I mentioned above, it's issues with his hormonal system (which also impacts the heart via cardiodilantin) that doesn't allow him to stay in his body to receive treatment, because of the shocks he experienced in early childhood.

In fact, he was probably a surprise pregnancy, given that I've heard his mother say "she didn't get the big church wedding because his dad had been married before". It's ok, but it goes to show, his conception and the reception from others learning that he had been conceived (which is what sets up age 0-3yrs and the health of our hormonal system) was probably a shock.

I hope this helps you know what is possible, and that we can gently put things right, instead of aggressively rushing in with fear.


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