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The advantages and disadvantages of seeing Master Yan and using the stem/fusion speaker

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

If you are recommended to see Master Yan, you may be surprised to hear that you can start on the fusion speaker while he is away, or you can wait to see him first.

Many clients assume, that if they need to see Master Yan, they should wait for him to be in town. But Master Yan only comes 3-4 times per year; some can not wait that long, and some issues may not need a fix that only Master Yan can provide. That said, even if some issues can not be fully fixed until the person sees Master Yan, the fusion speaker may or may not be able to clear some of the fog, to allow Master Yan to see the issue more clearly. In addition, with speaker rental, Master Yan is still on the case from a distance, not healing, but assessing and offering recommendations. Here are some situations where the stem speaker (the version before fusion) was used before seeing Mastery Yan:

  • carpel tunnel: improvement, combined with RestoreChi body cream

  • Parkinson’s: reduced shaking, and more leg strength

  • Neck pain: no change, as Master Yan needed to balance back/front yin-yang balance

The decision to use the fusion/stem speaker before seeing Master Yan, or to see Master Yan at all isn’t something to take lightly.

Clearing negative energy from your body is powerful. Going into this expecting only to feel much better, with no further complaints, because you paid money, is not realistic. We very much want to hear how you are reacting to treatment, so we can help if there is something to add, but constant complaining about it not working or about you being sick from other causes or blaming the equipment for not giving you the time you felt you paid for, does not help.

For many people, choosing between seeing Master Yan first or using the fusion speaker before he returns comes down to: how long until his return, and does the person need a fix that only Master Yan can provide. I’ve seen many cases where Master Yan will do a fix, say use the speaker until the battery dies to hold the fix, but then the person ends up needing to rent the speaker for longer. And other times when Master Yan knows right away that the speaker will need to be used for weeks or months after his fix, and sometimes he needs to see the client multiple times for multiple fixes. There are layers. Sometimes it’s two appointments in the same visit (i.e. “come back next week or in two weeks), sometimes it’s “come back next time I’m here”, sometimes it’s “you shouldn’t need to come back”. But he’s not always right, because what he see is multidimensional physical health. A person can be physically healthy, with the potential to stay that way. But they may have terrible thinking patterns or lifestyles (including relationships, living arrangements, tendency to medicate, or overwork, exposure to cold, poor dietary habits according to TCM, guzzling drinks instead of sipping them throughout the day, etc) which makes it hard to hold a fix.

What one person considers an advantage may look like a disadvantage to another.

To provide you with the information you’ll need to make an informed decision, this article answers some common questions, including:

  1. What’s the difference between using the fusion speaker first and waiting for Master Yan

  2. What are some of the symptoms people experience from seeing Master Yan or using the fusion speaker?

  3. What are some of the advantages of seeing Master Yan?

  4. What are some of the disadvantages of seeing Master Yan?

  5. Who may not be a good candidate to use the fusion speaker before seeing Master Yan?

  6. What else to consider?

One. As already stated, using the speaker before seeing Master Yan clears some of the fog, and can improve and sustain the life until Master Yan arrives. Keep in mind, there is a $2000 limit on speaker rental, so if you hit this limit before you see Master Yan, the time you may need with the speaker after you see Master Yan will be free. Sometimes the speaker can not fix your issue because your issue may be caused by something unique, that is not programmed into the speaker to fix. In this case, the speaker may appear to have no effect, but be honest and look at your life, maybe your maybe your sleep or bowel movements improved, maybe your relationships improved, etc.

Two. There is a difference between “side effects” (which means the treatment was meant to target only one area, but other areas have affinity to it, with negative consequences) and “part of the treatment” (which means, we thought the issue was just X, but there were other things to clear out, or in order to get X out, the body reacts to it, because the body was trying to keep it hidden to protect the body, because the exit path was blocked before, but now that there is an option to exit, it’s like a deep pimple which finally gets the chance to surface and clear, a bit of destruction on its way out, but this can heal, and the whole point of treatment was to get it out!).

Some of the symptoms: constipation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, strong pain, acne, digestive cramping, and most importantly the need for life change and to develop better ways of living. While some may say “I just felt a light pain in the area of an old injury, then it cleared, and will hopefully never return”, others do not have such easy-to-tolerate or to understand experiences. We don’t always know where we hid our emotional pain, and where it needs to come out from.

Also, keep in mind, our mindset very much has an impact to how we experience pain. A rough childhood and other traumas can change the anatomy and functioning of the brain, which can amplify the perception of pain. A tendency to blame others, instead of accepting that we chose to participate in something and that our own negative thoughts can fry a battery (so can us having reached our limit for treatment at this time) amplifies pain, because this is hatred instead of gratitude and empowered ownership. Having the skills, or knowing who has the skills we need and being willing to pay them for support, to help process out the pain, can have a huge positive impact on the duration of our pain and whether we can see the light at the end of the tunnel (some examples are hiring Kevin for help with RestoreChi monthly tracks, pacing oneself, diet, and mindset;

…skipping the first two steps if you already saw Master Yan; or hiring Alahnnaa to use Esogetic Medicine assessments and treatments, even as simple as a hot water bottle over your liver area to slow things down, or turning off the speaker, instead of always trying to push too hard).

Taking medication, to shove the issue back down, so we can keep going, is likely not going to help the process. While some say “we can not tell people not to take medication, as this is part of their karma, they will stop when they are ready”, I think it is important to at least mention it as an option to consider. And there is a difference between slowly weaning off current medication with the support of your doctor, and not taking additional meds just to numb detox pain. Prolonged pain is never good, as mentioned, like trauma, it can change your brain anatomy and function, and withdrawal from regular medication can be severe. Please don’t be extreme or stupid. That is not what we are advising.

For example, one client was diagnosed with pelvic cancer, did a round of chemo, then saw Master Yan, and had amazing results. Given her response to treatment, Master Yan doesn’t even think she has cancer, yet she continues to take iron infusions, which make her feel worse. According to the Medical Medium, iron is a heavy metal, which feeds ebv, which causes it to excrete neurotoxins, which causes pain. It takes 3 weeks for hemoglobin to improve, so maybe an iron infusion was needed at this time, but if Master Yan’s fix can hold, this will be her last infusion. Likewise, another client was told by mainstream medical that she had a hernia, then that it was ulcers, while Master Yan suspects she has much more going on, deeper, where the scope can not get to to see…

Three. Master Yan of course has more experience, and can apply unique fixes. He can also make you feel at ease by telling you what he sees and what is connected and apply a fix.

Four. There is no disadvantage to seeing Master Yan. However, you need to expect symptoms, as what he has triggered to release is released. Also, if he calls back your soul, that left because you live out of alignment, and you return to your life that is out of alignment, you will suffer, because your soul did not come back for more of the same sh*t. You will be shown the many ways that you need to shift your life. It will be up to you to listen or to suffer. But don’t blame the treatment for not having a lasting effect. Any response provides information. In some cases the fix is easy, but sustaining the fix requires your effort to continue to grow (it’s the only reason we are in this life). Maybe your diet and self care needs to improve, maybe your relationships need to change, maybe you need to see replacing one toxic pastime with another keeps you trapped, maybe you need to see how your thinking keeps you trapped, all the things you tried to avoid, which got you to where you are may resurface. You can choose to be annoyed and to use your mindset to strategize and blame, to try to get more and more of what you think you deserve, but it won’t serve you in the end. Sit with yourself and take this opportunity to start over, to self care, to build the life your soul wants, to learn your lessons, etc.

Be honest, we want to help, but it’s hard to help people who behave in ways that we understand may be necessary for mainstream or for one’s past experience, but do not apply here and may not need to apply going forward.

Five. If you are someone who will not invest unless there is a miracle, than wait to see Master Yan. While the monthly tracks can provide miracles, the fusion track is general, it will only provide a miracle if what you need is in that track. Truly ask your self if you are willing to invest and try even if something doesn’t work, not because it doesn’t work for everyone, but because what you need is not included at this time. However, if your pain is debilitating or you have limited time, then maybe giving it a try, knowing it may or may not work, is worth it. It also gives Master Yan ideas for what to incorporate next time.

Because the impact of working with the fusion speaker and Master Yan can seem like the side effects of chemo. As I have already stated, there is a difference between “side effects” and “the process required to exit negative energy and to change your life”. Most people do not change unless they are in pain. Most people do not change until the situation becomes unbearable, or it exits them. Most people are not honest with themselves about the role they play in their own suffering, because they still have unhealed wounds that need to be addressed to learn, so the body/mind keeps these issues open. Look at all the outside support the article this article is modeled after lists for patients undergoing their care: nutritional, behavioural, pain management, naturopath, rehab, and spiritual support. It is not odd to need additional support. I understand no one wants to pay for anything, especially if they already paid. Self care is a journey, and healing is supposed to put you in touch with many teachers. And yes, you pay them, even if you paid Master Yan, or anyone else for a big push in the right direction. The push is one service, learning to self care is many others.

The article linked above, lists the pros and cons of cost, and addresses how new methods are not really approved (or paid for) yet. It also shares that some people want to take treatment at home (which I liken to speaker use before or without seeing Master Yan) and some may benefit from going in for treatment, because of the social experience of meeting new people who change your life. Sometimes people who could use help, come to see Master Yan, only to see if more work is needed, and Master Yan says no. I think this is because Master Yan knows the person is not going to do the work, because they are not ready, so opening a can of worms when this person thinks they are mostly fine, is not going to help them in a gracious way. We can only help those who seek help, who will do the work, to get to the other side.

I hope this article is helpful. I hope you can see that I only write it because I care and want people to go into things informed and prepared. I don’t want people to suffer, and I see that the present life is suffering (even if it’s numbed), so to get through to the other side, even if it causes pain, like taking the blue pill and having to eat healthy, take responsibility, make better choices, and stop blaming others, is worth it, to me. We will all die, when it is our time. Our only choice is how well we live while we are here and how much we grow, and in fact both are directly linked. Live in alignment, grow, and you will have a good life and feel well on the overall, even if life must cause you pain because you refused to learn by easier ways (feather, brick, or truck). The more we listen and adhere to what is needed, the less pain we will feel.

While insert the photo below, so that there is a photo, I want you to know, decisions are never made by weighing pros and cons, but by reading the whole story and seeing if you’re still drawn to do something, or if your body continues to say no. Listen to your body, come when you are ready. Only you live with the consequences of your choice, we just have to hear you complain. And maybe you can complain less, when you know you made an informed choice?


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