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The dilemma of supporting learning

The founder of Esogetic Medicine often says “it’s so sad when kids can’t learn, their parents try so hard to support them, but the kids say ‘it just doesn’t go in’“.

This is a dilemma for me, because my apparent learning disability kept me safe, kept me out of the topics that would have tainted my view on the world. Many things in school are taught as if they are fact, when they are not. Just look up what Gregg Braden has to say on evolution: it doesn’t apply to humans, we were genetically altered long ago, and haven’t changed much since.

This morning I listened to the Concentration Audio from Esogetic Medicine for the first time, and this article came to me.

Concentration is not something I suffer from, when I can not concentrate, it’s because my mind is full, and if I push it, I am going to develop physical symptoms, that will put me out of the game for a while (some may call this a mini burnout).

Maybe education elsewhere is different.

There is a part of me that says “if the person/child wants to learn something but can’t, help them, but if they don’t want to learn, don’t force it”.

That said, I always wanted to learn psychology, the first time around I failed to get the needed 70%, it was just too much “trying to be like others” and I can’t. The second time I was on my own, got my books in audio format, tested in audio format, and scored in the mid 90s on everything. But then, 3yrs in, I developed major depression, and, even though I could work in the field with the education I had, in a few years I was disenchanted with what they do with the data they collect, and how poorly they treat the people, who gave them their stories. It’s just not right, people are not being helped, some are even being hurt, and so I left.

I discovered recently, what I love is the human story.

So many of us have such great stories, and I can help, not by telling someone what to do, but by hearing the pattern in their story, identifying the potential block, sending some correcting information, and letting them get on with their life.

Learning disabilities block us from what is not for us.

Increased concentration or motivation (another Esogetic Medicine audio) are not to force someone to become who they are not, but to help them get over the hurdle inside of them, from past (not fully processed) conflict.

We can’t make anyone do anything without consequences.

And, though it may not fit here, if we our selves are fake, I don’t know if we have any ability to influence our children to be real, because what they display, is a reflection of what we have yet to face in our selves.

Sending 💕

The expression on this face has always irked me, why are they doing that to children? Making them hate what should be a joy, to learn:

Here’s an example:

…does sleeping take less energy than watching TV?

Sleep regenerates body and brain. TV is brain numbing/washing. This, like many other things, is debatable to me. No right or wrong, but worth a discussion, with someone with far more consciousness, than those instructed by the government, to program children, with what is acceptable, as socially right and wrong.

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