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The natural tendencies of children, and wisdom behind Esogetic Medicine, are confirmed by Gaia TV

Its amazing how children naturally do what is needed, and most adults tell them not to. For example, in this episode on Gaia TV, they share how important sudden movements are, to get our fascia to move out of stuck rigid positions, fascia can also tell us where we are on the planet and it feels better in places that are right for us (so kids, of all ages, will naturally behave and be healthier, when they are in the right environment, and should not be expected to do better, when they are in place that is not right for them, this is our intuition, and we need to listen to it), there is also an art revolution that is coming, because we can’t argue with art (like people argue about science), it is simply an expression of where we are at, and it is culturally significant, we need to learn to articulate our expression (figure out exactly what we know and believe and how to share this), and he said it will be so cool, that it will be televised:

I am also floored at how much Gaia TV episodes confirm the thoughts behind Esogetic Medicine, including treatments to clear garbage from the fascia (which is what causes physical body pain, and prevents healthy communication between the cells), and that the non coding part of DNA is light, which appears to communicate in a stutter, following the pattern of human language, the pre-existence “gap” is important (it’s where all our potential comes from), we have the tree of life on our body, in 3D form, there is always shadow and light (back and front) to each sephira (or astrological sign), and all of this can be treated with Esogetic Medicine:

Finally, engaging with the geometry (drawing or doing an Esogetic Medicine treatment pattern) is what helps you discover what you couldn’t see before, there‘s the Spirit Hologram (which includes the Earth Hologram, which organizes unprocessed conflict, to support embodiment, healing, and wholeness, one in the same), “it is through our ability to notice the patterns, that we are able to measure our levels of consciousness”:

Pretty cool, eh? Are you ready to understand, let go, and heal?

Sending 💕

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