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These are important lessons...

According to this book:

...we are the keepers of the 3rd dimension. And we have the ability to travel down to the 1st and 2nd dimensions, and up to the 4th to 9th dimensions.

We have been traumatized.

Whether you look at your life, your family of origin, the racial issues of the past hundreds or thousands of years, or the cataclysm 11,500 years ago. All these experiences made us think we need to fight for our survival, and that the other is the enemy.

We are here to evolve into creators, in the image of our god(s), we grow up from the earth, we are part of her, and we return to her.

The thing is: we can not be god(s) if we are full of trauma, because trauma lacks integrity, and the ability to do what is right.

So many people are fighting, so many people are making up stories, their stories feel true for them (and the people who follow), because these are the painful experiences they need, to clear their trauma.

I’ve spent my entire life watching my mother refuse to deal with her trauma. I’ve seen this hurt her children, her body, and her ability to be happy. I didn’t know my father (and sister) were equally traumatized. I didn’t even know my father’s birth date until I was in my 20s (the fact that it never occurred to me to ask until then and that no one ever told me, that is trauma).

But, as I worked through my own understanding, the things that blocked these truths fell away, and there they are, equally traumatized, still emotional children, unable to function in life without the rigidity of “do as your told”.

But, trauma doesn’t go away, until you deal with it.

Trauma wants to be healed more than anything. It wants you to understand it, so you can love your self and others again.

My husband is also traumatized, so is his entire family and all his friends. Everyone taking the V, and fighting for their rights, and claiming to be helpless victims.

It saddens me, when people sit in a place of power over others, and mislead them. That is my trauma: to watch.

My experience has allowed me to see things, especially since I have invested a lot of time to understand how things work. I’ve never wasted my time, I’ve never been interested in that.

These videos show you straight up:

- can you recognize truth? (you can skip the first 10min, where the film maker shares what inspired him to make films)

...these are requirements to be creator god(s): simple kindness, and the ability to be honest.

The game of possession is done, in many senses of the word.

We are here to tend to the earth, not to take from her (saying we own land or stuff or money).

The only thing that matters is your ability to care and to serve, and for that you need to clear trauma, so you can see clearly, and stop hurting others, by vomiting your stomach acid onto them, when you can not see them for who they are.

Work with the earth or you are out!

If you want to go down a road, to fight or suffer, do so.

I’ve been ill, and I’ve cured many things in my self, with the support and guidance from others. This is how you learn what you are capable of, and how things work.

Even though it pains me to watch you hurt the earth (your self, and others), with your experiments, and what you allow to be unleashed into the world (literally into her, the soil, the water, the plants, the wildlife, and our children), she can handle it, and will respond accordingly.

You get to choose your own level of suffering. What doors do you want to push to see if they are real. Who has authority to tell you how to live your life. You can fight the battles, or you can step aside. It’s your life.

You don’t have to do anything for anyone, at the same time, we are all cells in the same body of life, and we can each draw our own boundary and say “no, you, out!”.

And, if they say “no, you, out”, maybe its because you or they are a tumor, that is about to implode, and maybe you or they are no longer tumor cells, maybe you or they are healthy, and maybe we all have the same goal.

Health, respect, love, creativity, empowerment, evolution, always wins.

You need to innovate. Nothing is happening to hurt you, it is happening to show you your flaws, so you can transmute them into your gifts.

Grit into pearls of wisdom. You can come along, you can walk away, or you can go down with the fight.

Sending love to the keepers of the earth, to those who have trouble watching, to those who have trouble listening, to those who have trouble turning away, to those who feel they can’t change, to those who have trouble loving.

Whatever you do, do with love ~ Corinthians 16:14

It is interesting, that the person in the second video (above) is a kidney and heart specialist.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the emotion associated with the kidneys is fear, and the emotion associated with the heart is joy or mania. Two (kidneys, water, emotions) unite into one (heart, fire, passion).

You need balance to live in the heart, you need to understand your limits, you need to be honest.

Love love love and 5D all the time is just as delusional and damaging as not dealing with your trauma!

Get back into the 3rd dimension!

Feel, process, understand, love from there, where it makes sense, where you can be healthy and kind to others.

Growing up from vanity, to discrimination, to purity, this is how we create heaven on earth:

Stop being elite and malicious.


Then you will grow, like a plant, that we all are.

And when we grow, we don’t cut our roots, or we wither and die. We remember where we came from. We keep it with us. As part of us. So we can have hope and compassion for others, and be humble. When the protective shell, that holds their (or our) seed, finally opens, to be welcomed, to receive love and support, that is waiting, for all of us.

From the receptive earth, to the creative heavens.
We are here to unite polarity (♾) not to propagate duality (👍👎)!

Some fun experiments here (to see no matter how you cut us, we remain connected):

...and a song to remind you (we are all love):

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