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Trying to become whole again

I watched this video yesterday:

…and it said: when we feel a magnetic draw to someone, it’s because they have something about them that we gave away (or had taken from us) by someone who held power over us.

And, when we lose interest in them, it’s because we have somehow reclaimed this quality and don’t “need” them anymore.

While this is “unkind” on so many levels, to be attracted and to drop people like that, and to not even see them for who they are, but just parts of us, well, this is still totally normal. And we can also rise above this, and love and appreciate them separately, for who they uniquely are, different from us, and who they allow us to be, as well as what we may need to do, to find more of our selves, from time to time.

Another lesson in this show, was that people who bother us, are not just what we are and refuse to face, but may also be what we judge. And that in the 1980s, the time of the great convergence, people were very cruel and narrow sighted about this lesson, not seeing that relationships can be far more complex.

So, as I get frustrated when I share my articles on LinkedIn, and catch a glimpse of what other people share, which puts me in a tailspin to write an article that I feel undoes the zen of my previous article, I realize: I judge them.

I judge them because they are not able to be their full selves. They are only the Eve-side of their Black Moon Lilith. The side that will keep them employable by others, and this is the saddest thing ever to me. They would say the emperor is wearing clothes to keep their job, not realizing or caring that this is what contributes to all of us being raised in a broken world.

But, the kids know: they think we are one, they think adults are crazy, and the point is: we are one, our multiple lives are one, we have been each other, we judge what we have moved beyond, we were that, we understand why not to be that, and we weep for people who still think being something they are not is who we are here to be.

I don’t know if this helps, but, we are all just striving for more wholeness, if we allow our selves to be who we truly are, and allow everyone else to be who they truly are. I hope your disillusionment comes soon too.

Sewing our multiple selves back together:


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