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Two important lessons…

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

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There is a reason I did not become a clinical psychologist. One: you had to jump through hoops to get in, I never want to have to prove myself in that way. Two: they didn’t have the answers I was looking for. After working at a distress call center, I realized: no matter how much effort you put in, people don’t change, unless you have new information to offer them, that allows them to accept themselves. Mainstream therapy is not about self acceptance, it’s about accepting oneself as flawed and convincing the person to conform or change or take meh-dee-cation.

The psychologist in this show is the first psychologist I actually honour. She holds her clients to be better versions of themselves, without denying who they are and why.

In season 6 episode 8 she reveals the goal of life, what coherence is: when your subconscious and conscious mind are aligned (heart and brain). And in season 6 episode 9 he reveals that the devil’s work is to help you let go of your guilt, so you can go to heaven, where you deserve to be. Heaven on earth! We are so lucky to be here.

I knew Venus (and Mercury) both have morning and evening star positions. The morning star, in my mind, steals the light from the gods to give it to the people. But I didn’t know there is actually a tie between Venus morning star and Lucifer:

Venus is conjunct Pluto (Hades) right now. As it was when I was born, with Vesta in between:

Keeper of the flame. The only witch so important that she was preserved as a saint. Associated with the sign Libra, for peace and balance, between Virgo ♍️ M-tail-in, conserving energy to be of service, and Scorpio ♏️ M-tail-out, engaging with the world. Except, as a Scorpio sun myself, I am much more tail in, and my Virgo sun friends are much more tail out, although I feel their desire for perfection is a sign they are just trying to cope as best they can in an imperfect world.

In any case. We are here to let go of our guilt, to create heaven on earth, by being of service (Virgo), by setting our self care limits (Libra), and seeing truth (Scorpio), by reconnecting our subconscious and conscious mind, and walking life with integrity.

Sending love 💕🔥🕊

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