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We are ALL shadow boxing right now, and that’s not a bad thing!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I’ve been watching the emails come in. One after another - hopeful, cover your a$$, desperate, fear, and lack of integrity.

When leaders in the spiritual community repeatedly swing to lack of integrity (using fear to sell products or programs) I unsubscribe.

I am not watching or reading any news, unless it is handed to me by a trusted source, as something hopeful to look at.

The likelihood of me clicking on a COVID update icon on any of the internet-based platforms (social media, web browser, etc) is right up there with the likelihood that I am going to click on some random link in WhatsApp or answer an unknown number on my cellphone and give them my credit card info to keep my Netflix account going...

We are all shadow boxing.

This means, that no matter what anyone shares on social media, good or bad, they are also likely engaged in a period of self-understanding.

Some of the shadows I have had to face include: knowing who I have always been for my family and that it continues not to matter, being at peace with saying good bye to some of my extended family, should things take a turn for the worst, and realizing how much I may miss some of them, stepping away from the fear they create, and their denial (as well as my own), seeing how much my kids can trigger in our family, and then walk away like cool cucumbers (who are also learning and getting better). We are in a pressure cooker, and it’s just like what the major heavy-hitter planets are doing in our sky right now:

I actually have to go back to square one this week, with an article series that I am co-creating, as it is more complicated than either of us thought, when we first jumped in. See here for the SIDESTEP to our article series, that this blog post inspired me to write.

This is Jupiter, I know her well. Some may say she is a he, but no matter. As someone who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder for a decade, I know how things can get blown out of proportion and go too far (good or bad, too far is too far).

I also know my little friend Mars. He/she sits in the house of the family, in my natal astrology chart. The all too eager little brother, always ready to start a fight, a little too lacking in life experience, to know what fight is worth fighting for, and what fight is not. In fact, my “life’s work” (according to my human design) is to be “the game player”, which, because I do not have the other end of this “channel”, means I am a fighter who does not always know how to pick the right fight. If I did, I would carry the channel of “struggle”, but I don’t. I have it (the channel of struggle) visit me from time to time, but I don’t live with it. Ironic, that struggle knows how to pick the fight, yet this keeps struggle stuck fighting the fight, when I can more easily choose to walk away. In fact, this is a lesson in my soul contract - war to peace, peace is found when you walk away from outer war, and create inner peace, which then attracts and creates a new reality.

The world is YOUR oyster (it is also a school):

And while all of you <insert word> are interested in drinking the slimy salty goo, the gift from the oyster is actually the pearl. The pearl is created because a tiny piece of sand gets into the oyster and it is “chewed on” (by the oyster) for a long period of time, until it is discovered to be a pearl!

It is no different from the shadow, many people are too afraid to engage with - deal with your shadows (with someone you trust to hold you in unconditional love, not some yahoo who just wants your story as a trophy), and you will unlock your gifts!

Work on your sand, work on your shadow, embrace them, dodge them, observe them, shadow box. Time is ticking, and it also doesn’t exist. The pressure cooker turns on and turns off. The wave builds, crashes, and recedes.

I generally only post a portion of my wins on social media, to try to motivate or lift others. I don’t post “going for spiritual maintenance”, nor do I share half of the good times, that I savour as sustenance to keep me going (like the cuddles with my almost 10 month old, when she laughs as I kiss her neck, or we breathe funny through our noses together, like it’s a heated conversation).

You owe nothing to your followers/fans!

All this to say: Mars will fight the good fight, sometimes jumping the gun. Jupiter will blow the good and the bad out of proportion. Our article series will speak more to Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. I’m not sure yet where Venus and Neptune are hanging out (those old softies, at least, to me). The Sun and the Moon dance all the time, we are somewhat use to their routines, push pull push pull. Mercury, yeah, we hear from him a lot, as he retrogrades so often. But don’t change your travel plans, zoom is still gonna fail on you, haha, inside joke for mercury and people’s paralyzing beliefs of his impact on travel and communication. His impact on me (conjuncting the Sun, in my natal astrology chart) is: I tend to communicate too fast, and too soon, and I know this is another shadow/gift.

I think we’ve got them all, the 10 main planets.

Hilarious that society/science has downgraded Pluto to not even qualify him/her as a planet. The capital T (truth) cares not for what society and science want to do, with their little tiny measuring tools. She brings truth, darkness, and an inability to continue to deny. Denial is also the wound I am here to heal, in myself and in others, according to my Gene Keys.

Will this article suffice to tape together and save our article series? Maybe. Only further work and contemplation will reveal my truth.

We are not here to look at others, we are here to look within ourselves, within our home.

I was looking for a quote from the Dalai Lama, but I could not find it. This led me to create my own quote, and then my quote generator failed to function properly!

Here is the quote, nonetheless:

First, you must find peace in yourself
Then, you can work, to create peace in your home
After this, it is easy, to spark peace in your community
Then, and only then, peace in the world, will naturally unfold

... Here are the other quotes I found along the way:

You are more powerful than you know!

Stay inside, do your work (on yourself!).

Remember, the ping pong of the planets (above), are also reflected in you, and in your home, and in the world, and in the sky.

The microcosm is in the macrocosm, and vice versa.

Forget the news, forget science, find Truth!

Love, Bless, and Strong, Now and Always!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

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Alahnnaa Campbell
Alahnnaa Campbell
2022. febr. 03.

On a funny note, I’ve realized Venus and Neptune, whom I called the old softies, turned out to be the ones that shock and destabilize me the most (Venus revealing who is actually not aligned with my values, because they still have work to do on themselves before they can be kind, and Neptune finally taking me to a place where I honestly do not know, and won’t know, until whatever is aspecting my natal Neptune moves along). Grateful for these spiritual nature based teachers, and those who stood on each other’s shoulders to continue to define how to work with these objects in sky.

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