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What if your child didn’t “come to the world in the usual way”?

Many children are born via fertility treatment or IVF or ICSI, nowadays. Many families attempt these routes and fail, and would think someone who succeeded via these routes should count themselves lucky, and they do. But have you heard of light conception? And what really is the “usual way”?

I highly recommend people read the book Anna, Grandmother of Jesus to understand light conception.

And, ICSI, is that not about the “chosen one”, or the “chosen sperm”?

I have spoken about this before. This incredible science, to force a couple who, for whatever multidimensional health reason, they can not conceive at a given time, and have a healthy live birth, to do so now, against hell or high waters. Wow, the biblical references are abundant…

And the political policy about “only 3 transfer attempts are covered by the government, so judge away at those embryos and only pick the ones that look promising, the rest toss or freeze”.

I don’t know why the pro life folk are so anti abortion but not anti IVF/ICSI, the literal cultivation of life, judging of who is worthy to proceed, based on performance and looks!!

Anyhoo, what to do, you only know what you know when you know it, and it is often your children who teach you what you fail to see in your self.

And, the usual way “when mom and dad love each other very much they decide to have a baby”, yeah, not always, sometimes two people are in all kinds of different circumstances and they conceive life, and, that life is imprinted with this non perfect experience, and that’s ok, it’s life.

And all can be set right, and understood, and practically undone, so, the argument for abortion in the instance of rape is a very grey area.

Pro choice on everything, in my opinion, to each their own, and the consequences that go along with it, life is fair, because we are here to learn.

The point: Children can develop multidimensional problems because of what happened to them at conception, in utero, and at birth (as well as in the bardo and the gap of pre-existence). In fact, the majority of our life is a repeat of the experiences that happened in these times (and whatever those present at our birth have failed to learn, the new life repeats their mistakes for them to see). These issues repeat at key ages of childhood, and into adult life, until we resolve them. And they can be corrected with light, with a bit of help from other dimensions, which allows us to simply understand, and allows the lessons to unfold.

We exist in a culture of restraint and control, and everyone is so offended if you point out their desire for control or the fact that they are not in control.

Maybe you have lived and experienced enough to know: we are not in control. We have choice: to struggle and insist that we are right (even though, if we were right, life wouldn’t be a struggle), or to accept the lesson in front of us and grow.

I hope this is not too veiled, if you want specific examples, I can provide them.

Sadly, “the usual way” is to repeat the mistakes of our parents, and to have them deny this, and believe that the problem is only with the children, which means: we all “come into this world in the usual way”, unless parents do some work on themselves and their kids!

Sending 💕

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