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What is esogetic medicine?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Esogetics is the combination of esoteric wisdom and energetic science, in order to trace illness back to the source (which is a disconnection from who we truly are and what we are here to do in this life, as well as having the courage to walk this path), and reconnecting us to that information, so we can restore health.

No health problem emerges from nowhere.

In fact, every health problem, has at its core, an original conflict, that we have refused to process, in order to find our truth, that simply repeats itself, compounding, getting worse, and going deeper into our bodies, causing more chronic and destructive havoc, the longer we allow this to go on.

Like a stone that is tossed from conception (at birth or even before conception), that our parents, ancestors, loved ones, community, school, and social pressures continue to imprint on us, adding more and more weight to who we think we are or should be, this rock continues to skip forward, causing more and more and more damage as it goes:

The water that was once still and peaceful, but also flowing and progressing to where it needed to go, is now disturbed and can’t even find its center or purpose again!

Esogetic medicine expands and combines RestoreChi (TCM concepts), developmental psychology, astrology, soul contract (the Kabbalah tree of life), trauma research, brain science, physics, music, colour, geometry, anatomy, and more, to create oneness.

At the top we have conflict. How we deal with conflict can be in one of three ways: run, process, or ignore.

Each of these three ways has serious consequences if it is ongoing. And we may move from one way of coping to another, mostly because our bodies can not continue to cope in any of these three ways forever, without us making changes to our lives, setting better boundaries, becoming empowered, and aligning with our unique truth and life path:

Once we are stuck at the base of this 4-sided pyramid we forget that the original cause was conflict and us refusing to step into our power to live our unique life path.

As we circle this psychological drain, eventually we fall into a developmental pattern, which will land consequences in our body, if we fail to identify the pattern and make better life choice:

It goes like this:

1) I have fear, but I don’t know how to process it, no one is here to tell me it’s ok to have this fear, so I’ll stuff it and be brave, and this turns to...

2) anger! I am so angry that you do not see me for who I am and that you are trying to control me, what gives you the right, and yet I continue to fail to see that I am the only one who can give my self the right to be who I am.

3) because of this failure to see my own self, I move to grief. I think I am sad because you don’t see me, or worse, I think I am sad because of the choices you make, and how this impacts you (I forget that my life is only ever about me, and your life is only ever about you). See how we move further and further away from the truth (that it was me who failed to validate my own fear, justify my own anger, and step into my own power, that got me here)?

4) finally we move onto the 4th station before the fall: I’ll just worry. Either I‘ll know that I am right and you are wrong, or I’ll be unsure of who is right and I’ll tie my stomach in a knot, trying to please everyone, until I slide down to reach rock bottom (forgetting that it is totally normal for you and I to have different points of view and different truths, which is why statistical science should never be the basis for anyone’s personal life choice!):

5) we reach the heart! Nothing, nothing, nothing can negatively impact the heart unless we have failed to listen to our selves on our unique walk around the base of this inverted five-sided pyramid. We have now fallen from grace and illness has taken up home in our body!

Like the 12 houses or signs of astrology, we look to see where the disaster has landed, what element, what sign, what house?:

And how do we get out of this mess?

We need to restore energetic harmony, using physics, vibration, knowledge on many levels, to remind you of who you are, and then you have to walk your unique life path again. Saying NO, saying YES, taking steps, making changes to your life, setting boundaries, understanding who you are. Because if you don’t, you simply continue to suffer, more and more and more and more, and conventional meh-dee-sin will numb you out, so the illness can go deeper, or they will cut you up and insert poison into you, so your soul has an even harder time embodying.

It’s sad because they think they are doing something good, but they don’t understand esoterics, they don’t believe in energetics, and they don’t know who you are.

And the higher ups, who in-doc-train-nated them, don’t want you to know who you are either, because we are all g-o-d, playing with different versions of our selves, to learn and expand love and oneness.

No one can stop the outbreath, and no one can stop the in breath:

We descend the tree of life, and we return from where we came, wiser, regardless of how sick we have allowed our selves to become, or how much we allow our selves to thrive, we are the victors in our own lives:

All experience is rich and contributes value to the whole.

I just prefer to live a life that is free from never ending pain, and that is rich with personal growth, how about you?

The choice is yours!:

An empowered life, with a chance of reaching enlightenment or ascension, or a disempowered life, where we blame each other and our selves for our pain.

A friend shared with me: people think it’s so easy, just send love and healing energy, (or worse, take a p-ill, in-ject poison, or cut it out), but fixing the body is more complicated than that! It’s an art and a science.

Your unique life path deserves full exploration, it’s all that you are here to do!

This same friend also said: no one reads any more. Well, you know, that is very sad. Because the only way to get to me, and to your self, is through putting in some effort.

Are you worth it? I think so!

Love, bless, and strong, now and always.

Alahnnaa Campbell

Guide to Conscious Living and Multidimensional Health

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience specializing in Stress and Health

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