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When you learn to treat your self, you learn about your self

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

This morning I developed pain in the upper inner area of my right eye. In soul contract the right eye implies unwillingness to look at the world the way it is. Since I just got my homeopathic emergency kit, I decided to look up the options for headache:

At the time, the closest fit, seemed like Nux Vomica. I took a look at the other things this remedy is used for, and it's mostly indigestion, poor dietary choice, and not enough water (or too much chill, irritability, etc). And it's true, our house is out of spring water (and I did just eat a homemade toast with butter and cheese, all things I try to avoid). And, when I poured myself a glass of the filtered water to try to remedy this, I realized that it's time to change the filter. I wouldn't have known this, had I not had to drink it, as we only use our filtered water for cooking, and we never drink tap.

I took the remedy, and then checked in with the Healy. The primary suggestion (from the Healy) was to support the "connective" meridian. Given the description above (for the homeopathic remedy) was for indigestion and anger, supporting (re)connection felt right. I vibrated this healing to my information field, and then ran the frequency program for migraine (which is described as pain on one side), which is also a lack of (left/right) connection (usually the result of unprocessed conflict/trauma).

Then I walked my girls to the park and soon discovered my eye pain does throb in the sun, and belladonna may have been the better fit.

At the park, we meet a family who immigrated here, and they enlightened me with their experience. The main downfall they saw here (other than kids starting school at too young an age) was that our health care system sucks. We may have amazing technology, but the doctors don't know how to read the output, and they take way too long to get back to you with the results. While things are scary where they are from, the g-o-v seems to be more honest about what they are doing to the people and why.

When I got home, I took the belladonna remedy and also vitamin C, blended with an orange, maple syrup, spring water, skullcap, and feverfew. And my headache is almost gone.

Looking at the other applications for belladonna, I see extreme pain, that comes on suddenly, and that is heat related.

RestoreChi also has a track for headache, that pulls fire out of the head, and redirects it to the heart. But it does not work if you do not change the things in your life that are causing you pain. There's also a fire-water track, which addresses the adrenals too. So these will be my next steps. I don't advertise to newcomers that I can take over their health care, because I am not there yet, but I hope one day, we will all be. The output from the fancy equipment is cool, but not always needed for (nor does it guarantee effective) assessment and treatment, because we are all so unique.

Exposure to light could also be about all the Gaia TV that I have been watching and summarizing lately. Though it is a hobby of mine, to learn and share what I understand, it can also be too much light, which creates a bigger divide between me and others.

Now if I were to just take a pain killer, I would not have learned any of this. I would not have engaged with my pain, to see what it is trying to teach me. I would not have learned from others, and my present situation, what can and needs to be changed.

I hope this is helpful for some.

Here is some of the light I captured and shared:

I often think of it as Robin Hood, or the Morning Star, putting my self out there, to grab the light, to give back to the people. A lot of self care and discernment is required, to make sure I don't overtax myself, and also that I don't breach copyright, and make it seem like this is mine, it's not. I am just summarizing to save people time from having to expose themselves fully, and those who resonate, can seek full exposure, giving credit and income back to the source. Not an influencer, but as a hobby, to show people what I know and how I think, so they can determine if working with me, is right for them.

Ps. Interestingly, when it comes to my almost 4yr old's occasional nighttime cough, the homeopathic solution is 10-15 pellets, wait 30min, 3 more pellets, wait 30min, 3 more pellets, repeat as needed up to 3 times a day. I have easier ways to address this, including RestoreChi, keeping her dressed warm when she is outside, simply letting it pass, and a chiropractic adjustment. Not to mention Esogetic Medicine, if needed. It's good to have many ways to treat something, so we can choose the way that works best for each person and circumstance.

If any of the above methods intrigue you to learn more, send me an email and we can see how we can get you started:


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