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When you teach something real…

Let start at the very beginning, a very good place to start… (“father doesn’t like us to sing, we don’t know any songs, we don’t even know how to sing” “well, let’s not lose any time, you must learn”):

This remix:

…is a blend of these two songs:

…where the lyrics literally say:


The point is, they dilute and blend spiritual human teachings until there is nothing left but entertainment. And that’s sad.

The person who introduced this remix to me has tinnitus (which means they refuse to hear truth) and a misaligned bite (which means they are aggressive when they shouldn’t be), despite numerous procedures to try to fix it. She has been named, by me (and maybe others), to be a bully. Her child exhibits symptoms of Jeckyll and Hyde; for the most part he is not present at all, just a joker, no awareness of the consequences of his actions, but, given enough love and acceptance, he grounds and becomes reasonable and kind. This is what these songs remind me of. If we fail to grow up, if we fail to look deeper, if we fail to slow down, if we fail to decide who do we want to be, and make the effort to change, we and our kids suffer! I don’t think this person wants to be seen as a bully, nor does her friend who sides with her. But they both need to grow up. There are others around, who are further gone, psychopaths (the psycho’s path) in fact, and they can not be helped, because their ego is all they have left. But, those who teeter in and out, who still have the ability to feel some shame, some guilt, there’s hope for self correction. That’s what these feelings are for.

But that was not the point for this article, let’s go back to the Sound of Music. Let’s take a look at DNA and the octaves:

DNA has only TWO possible pairs C-G or A-T, and, give it the benefit of the doubt, reverse each and you get 4 possible combos.

Now, look at music: do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, seven notes and multiple octaves!

Music is by far more complicated than DNA. In fact, the song at the top gives it away. “Lets start at the very beginning, a very good place to start, when you read you begin with ABC, when you sing you begin with do re mi” and “when, you, know, the, notes, to, sing, you, can, sing, most, any, thing”. As stated in the Sound of Music video above, the notes appear to have no meaning, until you replace them with words, and “do re mi fa so and so on, are only the tools we use to build a song, once you have these notes in your head, you can sing a million different tunes, by mixing them up”, and this is why they defund music classes at gov-urn-ment run schools.

If you look up how Royal Rife machines work: find the frequency, amp it up, shatter the glass (or anything else), it’s that simple. She even shows you how at the end of the Sound of Music video above.

I hope you can follow. Because, though I was labeled to be learning disabled, watch the video for the Sound of Music above, and you will see how easily kids “get music”, because no one is learning disabled when it comes to truth, only lies. We are allergic to lies, and this is why many of us appear to be learning disabled in mainstream society today, it is built on a series of lies.

However, when you’re married to your ego, your money, your things, truth creates a cognitive dissonance, and then you’re F’ed, because you know it’s a lie, but you can’t let go of your life, that you built on a series of lies.

And then it is much easier to say “I’m crazy, and I make no sense” etc.

Sending love, hopefully at a frequency that can wake you up and inspire you, and not shatter you or raise your defenses:

This is why, in this time, it is critical to understand our spiritual nature, and what lies beneath the drama. You don’t have to waste your energy on lessons that aren’t yours to learn or teach. Teaching is just another form of learning, no one really benefits from the teacher, unless they seek to learn. And this is what happens when you teach something real.


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