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X marks the spot where spirit and soul can work together

The cardinal directions are so important. But most people don’t know why. Not only do they prevent you from getting lost, they are in your natal astrology chart.

Who you are in your line of work (North/MC), how to stay true to your roots (South/IC), how people who don’t know you well see you (East/Ascendant), and who you will draw into your life to learn from (West/Descendant).

These two lines:

the vertical: the entry of spirit, how to be in alignment, and

the horizontal: how we share our true gifts with the world, soul expression, our business

...can only be in action here, on earth, where X marks the spot for the body.

The body has health when the person aligns with their true self (spirit, vertical) and radiates who they are (soul, horizontal) to others.

This is simple Esogetic wisdom, with the tools to get you back into alignment.

The light in me recognizes the light in you. Namaste.

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