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You need to address your “functional illness”, what does that mean?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

When I first started to study “Find Your Truth” they spoke of “functional illness” and it took me a while to figure out what they meant by "functional". Below is an example of how I processed this information, however, knowing more now than I did then, the short answer is: first we have insufficient hormones to do what we need to do, then our lymphatic system fails to be able to process out our physical and emotional toxins, then our mind and body set into rigidity and we forget why we are ill in the first place.

Endocrine (or hormonal) insufficiency is "functional illness", before we would be able to get a lab result saying that something is wrong with us, even though we clearly already know that we are not feeling well.

Everything below was written when I was 2/3s of the way through my training, I am now fully certified as a Practitioner of Esogetic Medicine, but I think the below is still relevant to share. Enjoy!

Functional illness is all those signs your body sends you saying “something is wrong“ that we ignore because there is no mainstream diagnosis or treatment for these symptoms. But, if they are not addressed, the body eventually gets fed up and launches a serious health problem, for which the medical community is happy to give you a diagnosis and the drug company is happy to medicate for life - chasing the dragon.

Let’s deal with the dragon (when he’s a small little pip-squeak, just kicking up smoke)!

Here are some examples from my life:

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, which I practice via RestoreChi, the Liver and Gallbladder are paired together and associated with anger.

In “Find Your Truth” there is more subtlety to the gallbladder. Where the liver may be about anger, the gallbladder is about seeking to understand. It’s a subtle difference, but the way we treat anger is to let it go, and the way we treat trying to understand may be to let it go, and may be with a different kind of love and understanding. Yes, you can love and understand the person who is angry too, but the treatment may differ.

And how do you know if it’s your gallbladder is acting up? One sign could be waking between 11pm to 1am at night, another could be pain in your second smallest right toe, or joint when this toe goes in to meet the rest of the foot.

Further confirmed by a strange numbness in my senses, which centered around the roof of my mouth, who’s shadow cause may reside in gene key 4 (the path from intolerance to forgiveness, via letting go of the need to understand).

There is also the duodenum. Do you know what this is, or what problems in this area may mean or can lead to, or how to know it is upset?

The duodenum sits between the small and large intestine. The small intestine is tied to your heart in Chinese medicine, and the large intestine is tied to your lungs. The heart wants to put forth its life purpose, the lungs need to grieve.

A telltale sign of duodenum issues could be a crack or irritation in the left corner of your mouth. You know the freezie cut, the one we often curse, pick at, or try to address with topical cream. When beneath, the issue may be more serious (emotionally or physically), and this blemish, that we hate, may be a cry for help, that deserves love.

The fact that most people do not understand their bodies is mind boggling. Especially with the garbage that they teach in public school and consider essential for life, when a lot of it, to be honest, is crippling for life - teaching children who cannot defend their own mind or thoughts where they are failing to meet some pedagogically made-up expectations. That’s another topic!!

Anyhoo, another telltale sign are issues of the gums. I had a swollen gum between my 3rd and 4th tooth from the middle on the bottom right. Tooth 3 in all four quadrants is related to the liver, and tooth 4 is related to the lungs. Here, like with the duodenum (caught between living our life purpose and grief), we have a tug of war between anger and grief.

But grieve what? That is where treatment comes in. You need to go deeper. All the things that make you angry and put you on your mission, what lies beneath that is what you are truly grieving? What fight is yours to fight and what is yours to let go of?

This is exactly why we have the coh-row-nah veye-rus!

It is not about trying to find a vack-seen, even that mindset is all wrong. We don‘t need something or someone to save us, we need to save our selves!

Look at your self, be honest with your self.

Speak to the keepers of your body, in your lower belly. They will not “speak“ back, but they will communicate with you.

Your body is talking to you. You are here to interface with your body, to work with it, to navigate this life.

You are not your body, but your body is your greatest tool.

It’s not about looks. Its not about being healthy one day and critically ill the next. You need to start to understand and treat functional illness: how your body communicates with you. Nothing is forgotten, it is all inside of you, in your cells, waiting for you to access.

Love, Bless, and Strong,

Alahnnaa Campbell

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience

~ Stress & Health

You Have A Life Plan

...and now, I can grieve (because the majority of people cannot be saved, because they refuse to save themselves, and this is what our education system and mainstream parenting does to us. It makes us victims until we die. We can all overcome this, and we are intended to, if we so choose. It is easier to just stop brainwashing the young, than it is to try to undo the damage when they are older. Yes, they deserve to be angry, and to want to understand, but it is easier to grieve, to let go, to move on, and that too is what I am here for. To work with you, to show you how, as we learn together, side by side, until you don’t need me anymore) ❤️🙏💪


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