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You need to understand how your multidimensional bodies work!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Yesterday I had the worst headache, migraine, nerve, left eye pain that I can remember.

Eyes are associated with the Soul Contract lesson 11-2: shedding the dysfunctional patterns of others, growing through loss, building your own structure of truth, to support and protect others.

The left eye is about trying to protect your unique truth, while the right eye is about refusing to look at the world the way it really is.

The left eye is also connected to the stomach meridian (in TCM), and we process the chaos of the world through our stomach.

When what is happening in our lives conflicts with our own truth, our stomach tightens, the acidity of our tissues increases, our cells have a harder time communicating with each other, which blocks them from getting the nutrients they need and from clearing their toxins, and this results in physical pain.

Our brain is also notified of this conflict, and we are able to collect more information from our senses, memory, and executive function (including our emotions), based on the bed of hormones prepared by our intestines (which sets the tone for our mood, and ability to think and function).

So, we have stress or conflict.

My conflict is this product that many are eager to take because they think it will allow them to no longer live in fear (which translates to: not have to take responsibility for their lives, by learning how to care for their health and navigate illness), and resume the activities they miss (like travel, concerts, sending their kids to school, being able to leave their home and get a break, etc.).

Except, there are numerous reports of this product causing serious negative side effects, including death, and people continue to want it. I can see why. Death may seem like a better option for them than life like this.

The problem I see is: it’s not about death.

If people die, then it is survival of the fittest. The fit will not take the product, the weak may die, and their inheritance or insurance money will flow to the fit. This is not what they want. What they want is for people to survive the product, so they can turn on the product, and from that, they can con-troll you.

How you say? Well, your hormones determine how you feel. They can con-troll that from the new-s (and peer to peer shaming). You are also a vibrational being, they can disrupt your vibration through whyfhy etc. (or even just through things that don’t make sense and put you into cognitive dissonance).

What do you think they can do when they have nah-noh tek inside each of your sells? Please read phonetically.

I think it is completely irresponsible for spiritual folk to say “you can just cancel anything that goes in your body, if you don’t want it there, you are a powerful being”.

Yes, you are a powerful being, but you are also a multidimensional being, and your wholeness includes information-energy-matter, spirit-soul-body, you don’t get to, with your body, take something, and then with your spirit or soul, neutralize it. That’s like saying “the calories you eat on your birthday don’t count”. It’s like two acts that lack love: you are harming your bodies and then lying to your selves about it! You are better than this!

Is there something we can do to clear these products from our body? Maybe.

The fact that one of the companies is a key-mo company, and there are ways to repair cells after key-mo treatment. And there are treatments to clear garbage from the sells of the body and brain, maybe, maybe. But better to never put this product in!

We have an ill-ness that impacts the lungs, and maybe a few other areas. Depending on how poorly functioning the body it enters may be, it could get more or less stuck, and go deeper or not, to cause more or less damage, even death. The older fair worse because they have been lying to themselves for longer, they have more trauma and conflict and undealt with emotions stored in their bodies.

I can not save everyone. My headache proves this to me. It is not my job!

The current health sys-tem is failing us, and we are being kept home, in theory, to protect our fragile health sys-tem, because we rely on it too much!

Every house needs at least one person who understands and can support health and healing!

We should only out source to meh-dee-sin and the sys-tem when the situation is beyond our ability!

Last night I went to bed having done the best I can with what I know. Except, in the night, Anne-droid decided to do an update on my fire tablet, without asking me, which turned off my healing tracks.

This ^^ is exactly how they will con-troll you with their nah-noh tek in each of your sells too, updates whenever they like....

My tracks turning off woke me up in a scramble of pain, with sleeping kids all over me. Thankfully my husband could help. He got me add-ville, then crackers to settle my stomach from that, and then we tried ice (bad bad bad idea) and then we tried heat, thank g-o-d! I got my tracks running again, and with heat on my stomach meridian, starting by my eye, then back over my head, onto my left shoulder and down my back, and another heat pack on my liver, to slow the processing of my subconscious (to discover what I need to do), the pain released, and it became clear.

From the above paragraph, the greatest value to me was not the meh-dee-sin, but knowing where to put the heat and why!

And what I have decided is: I will not take on trying to save others.

You will all do as you please.

I can teach you some things about your multidimensional bodies, how to support health and healing, and your unique life path.

Only when we live in alignment (and connection) with our unique truth, can we have health. Everything else is garbage.

People want to make a lot of money, they want to con-troll you, that is a fact. What do you think advertising is all about? They can, they will, and only you can choose otherwise.

You choose otherwise by educating your self and doing the work!

I was going to throw away “being a part of society”, and try to do it all on my own. But, as my husband says: “that is a lot of work!”. And, it doesn’t serve me to not rely on others too, and to not believe in my own worth, to have something of value, to offer in exchange for what they can offer me, to care for my family’s needs.

The pain in my head radiated down my left arm, impacting my inner left elbow, and my right wrist.

Elbows are how we try to make it in the world, making room for our selves, and wrists and hands give and receive.

We will be fine.

The solutions to the ill-ness have always been available. It is frustrating that people continue to be too lazy to engage at this level, and are eager to one up the risk with this new product. And I am not angry about people not paying me for what I have had to offer them all along. It bothers me that people continue to play the Vic-Tim, because it’s easier than self empowerment. Belief precedes knowledge. This is how dumb we have become as a collective society!

The solution to taking this product may also be possible, but more work.

And they say “a person will only change their ways when they hit rock bottom, when the pain becomes more than they can bare”. Surely, we must be getting close to that by now?

You know where to find me.

Please remember that: it takes time and energy to learn, don’t come empty handed, because I can not do this for you.

This is not the old sys-tem, where you are a Vic-Tim and I am your savior!

This is equality. I teach you what I know, and you empower your self and your family!

Everything happens for your good, and personal growth. It only hurts when you refuse to listen to your truth, and that has nothing to do with me!

You want to experience a sigh-toe-kine storm?

That is what yesterday felt like to me. I do not recommend it! But, I did learn a lot from it, and hopefully, when you find your self there, you will too!

No one can live your life for you, it’s yours to master and learn from, yours alone...

Even if you pain your loved ones with your personal decisions. They learn from that too!

Love, bless, and strong, now and always.

ps. I don’t have time to do a full edit, but I have now realized that it was a urogenital migraine, and I had signs this was coming in my sleep patterns, a delayed onset of my period, the pains in my neck and shoulders, a red line across the middle on the inside of my bottom eyelids, a spot infection in my gums, and a chill on a specific point in a bone in my hand for a while now, it was just finally time for it all to move out. And those who recommend supplements for headaches, well, maybe attending a session on RestoreChi may help, as not all of us can absorb supplements, we are multidimensional beings, and the blocks can be at any level: physical, energetic, spiritual, ego, psychological, mental, and more. As I have said before, when it is time for you to wake up and see truth, feather brick or truck, it’s not you against me, your truth comes for you and you alone, just like my truth comes for me! And there is plenty of wisdom to guide us all, if we are open to listen, and willing to change...

Alahnnaa Campbell

Guide to Conscious Living and Multidimensional Health

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience

Stress and Health

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