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Are you one of the two to five percent of parents who can embrace my services?

I know my work is not for everyone, some may be curious, but few are ready to fully embrace and see the benefits of the transformation. Are you one of the 2-5%?

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

I watched an amazing documentary yesterday called "The Magic Pill" on Netflix.

I found it interesting that the ad for the documentary included a photo of this mother and son combo, see image below (as they are not a major component of the film):

Watch the son's face, in the video, when this mother refers to his "autistic symptoms"

I told myself, I would only bring this up if it was presented to me, as I know it is controversial, and I never want to hurt other parents for their parenting decisions. I fully respect that we each need to do what feels right for us and our family.

But, this was presented to me, so I will share what I saw.

I know a lot of parents want a diagnosis for their child. Maybe because it makes them feel like finally they can breathe, finally they didn't do anything wrong, finally they can ask for protection from others, finally the schools have to listen and accommodate their child's needs, finally there is government funding for support.

Their child has a diagnosis, so finally people can back off. I know, I have considered it myself for my own son!

But, if you watch this film, please look at the son's face and his body language when his mom talks about him having autistic symptoms.

Yes, clearly there is something going on with him. But he is in pain and uncomfortable when she talks about him in that way. I see a kid who is clearly trying to break through and needs people to see his light, and not dampen it with a diagnosis.

Look at how he speaks to the evaluators. He says "I feel sad, and lonely, when I am by myself".

I don't mean to be harsh on parents, ever, but I see the pain in kids every day. They really just want to be accepted and loved, and seen for their best. And I am not sure they want to be labelled.

I don't think they need a label in order for people to back off and give them a little respect, and recognize that they are doing their best to land and be here on this earth, where, to be frank, most of the adults are brainwashed to go fast and chase the dollar, and give up their dreams, and then they push the same fate on their children.

I know that my services aren't for everyone. I actually sent my last article ("A More Supportive Approach to Mental Health") to a very mainstream company who are concerned with anxiety, and they did not respond, for whatever reason.

This could have put me into an anxious spin, especially before, when I identified as someone with social anxiety.

But now I know myself, I know that my work is really only for 2-5% of the population who are ready to step out of the fog and see who they really are.

Here is one way that I describe my service for parents and families:

If the description above resonates with you, if you see what I see when you watch the film (or you've seen it before in other kids, maybe your own), and you are looking for another way to see and support your child, I invite you to get in touch for a free, no obligation, 15min consultation, to see if my services and methods feel supportive for you and your family.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? - My message to everyone, especially kids!

Love and Blessings,

Alahnnaa Campbell

MSc Psychology, Stress & Health

Unconditional Love

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