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Feather, Brick, or Truck?

I have had a lot of clients remind me of this lately, and I have been experiencing it myself! We all get subtle hints that something isn't right for us, we all try to ignore them as we don't want to hurt others or cause problems, and we all get hit with a bigger sign from the Universe if we ignore what is in our best interest. This happens so much, so often, and to all of us, its a wonder why so many of us opt to wait to be hit by the TRUCK, before taking action!

Photo by Justin Luebke on unsplash.

If you look at your Human Design, it is plain as day how you are meant to make decisions. Of course, you may need someone with training to explain it to you fully, but I'll tell you one thing:

None of us were meant to make decisions with our mind!

According to my Human Design, I get warning signs when something is not right. They can come once, they can come quietly, or they can just keep coming and coming and coming. And if I let myself, I can start to come up with reasons, and pros and cons, and other people's ideas, and I can ask other people's opinion, and I can see how I really feel, and on and on and on. But every step I take away from this early warning sign, is me stepping away from MY truth!

That said, in my Soul Contract, I may have a tendency to be impulsive and make foolish decisions, if I don't wait for wisdom to set in. So there is a balance. You can also see in my Soul Contract, that I am at risk for asking others what I should do, which is the same as giving away my power, which will result in lower back pain.

Often I struggle with making decisions that are in my best interest because my Emotional Center is open in Human Design, so I feel other people's emotions 10-fold. I really don't want to piss them off. That said, if I do not do what is in my best interest life gets very frustrating, the internet stops working, what I type disappears, my body starts to get sick, and it will get worse and worse, until I listen.

What is more important? - My fear of making others mad/sad/hurt, or my doing what is best for me?

The spiritual truth is, both that no one else really exists, and that they are all reflecting to us what we need to see so we can grow (just as we reflect to them what they need to see, so they can grow). So, even if they may seem upset by our decision to change course, on a soul-level, they are saying: "Hooray, I don't have to continue to be a pain in the butt so that they get this lesson, I can move on, and so can they!"

Everything that happens to us is intentional, sent with love, for our highest and best good, always!

Frustration is just the ego wanting to go faster, when there is probably a better course of action if we could just slow down and allow for better timing or the right words to come to mind. And Serious Illness is just the Truck, because we didn't listen to the Feather or the Brick.

Are you going to wait for the Truck to come?

~ Photo by Rhys Moult on unsplash.

How long someone stays in agony is up to them. The door to the cage is always open.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. How many red flags are you going to wait for before you act?

  2. How sick does your body have to get before you do what is best for you?

  3. Do you know your ideal decision making strategy, and the nuances of the lessons you are here to learn?

  4. Can you decode the messages the Universe is trying to send you?

If not, and if you would like to gain this level of self-knowledge and mastery, I invite you to go here and book a FREE, no obligation, 15min consultation.

I NEVER pressure my (potential) clients and I never want anyone to do what is not in their best interest! I'll even tell you your ideal decision making strategy for FREE, so you can make the decision that is in your best interest when it comes to working with me.

Gratitude - No one knows what is best for you, than you!

~ Photo by Josh Boot on unsplash

Until you know what parts of you you can trust, and what parts of you are just other people's opinions or emotions or thoughts etc, amplified, you may struggle.

Even with this knowledge, I can struggle, because it isn't always easy to be who you are, and feel the impact or reaction that who you are may cause on others.

But I am ever striving, every day, every moment, to be true to myself and the people that matter most in my life: my kids, myself, my husband, and my clients!

Love and Blessings,

Alahnnaa Campbell

What are you waiting for?

~ Photo by Elvira Visser on Unsplash

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