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The Spiritual Grinch

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

I went to see the new Grinch movie with my family today. I didn't really want to see this film, it didn't look much different from previous Grinch movies. But I made a vow to make an effort to be as much a part of my kids' Christmas as I can, so I went, and I am glad I did.

Here is what I learned. Surprise, I am a Grinch. But why?

Well let's start with a different sense of humor. Do you know what I found the most funny in this movie? When an enthusiastic WHO apologized to the Grinch for something and the Grinch said "don't apologize for THAT, apologize for THIS!" and he points to the WHO's overdone house with a million lights and a ton of blow up lawn characters.

To me, this is funny. But, my humor in this, wasn't too appreciated by others. Thankfully, my husband laughed with me. Not because I need company, or because he finds it funny too, but because he recognizes that I see the world different than most, and this is something he loves about me!

So, I decided to take note of what the crowd found to be funny. And guess what they laugh at? You got it, they laugh when people get hurt - almost fall off a roof, get hit in the face or have something land on your head, yeah, that, is funny?! ... Reminds me of a movie my 3.5yr old watches where Goofy electrocutes himself (complete with skeleton showing through his skin) and says "that'll put the spirit of Christmas into you".

Thankfully, my daughter doesn't think its too funny either. Its dangerous. Why do people create this for kids? Anyhoo...

Another thing I found curious is when Cindy-Lou-WHO tells the Grinch that he should attend their sing-a-long, "because the singing is enough to make you forget your sadness". Why are people trying to forget their sadness? Why can't they allow their sadness to be, and to have space, and then move their life in a direction that would bring them more joy?

The Grinch is a Grinch for two reasons - he doesn't have happy memories of Christmas growing up, and the contrast between the WHO's happiness (of their lie) and his sadness (of his truth) makes him want to steal their joy.

And why does the Grinch snap? Because of the second funniest part of the movie (again, only to me). The mayor has created a campaign to make Christmas 3 times bigger this year!

The Grinch was already suffering with the normal Christmas hullabaloo, you see in the beginning how he admits to stress eating. Earth Angels are known to stress eat to cope, Doreen Virtue even mentions this in her book. And now, 3 times bigger!! I get his sentiment, Enough already!!!!

Not to mention, if someone has a 3 in their Soul Contract it means they are a leader and teacher, with deep ancient wisdom to share. But, until they can rid themselves of feelings of unworthiness, they can't hear others, nor can the access their wisdom in order to share it with others.

So, I stopped to think: Do I have unhappy memories of childhood or Christmas? And the answer is, of course, yes.

Getting my dad to say "I love you" is like pulling teeth. I tried to earn it with grades and never could. He showed his love by spoiling us at the mall. So, I played the spoiled rich girl and my Soul left my body.

This made me think of my 3.5yr old, who is currently going cross eyed. I try to explain to my in laws that this may come from people over praising when they think she is cute, dressing her up like a doll, and parading her around to be cute for others. I feel this is creating a split in her personality. I feel she is creating a mask that she thinks people like, and hiding the parts she fears people don't. I feel this is causing her to not embody fully and to go cross eyed. I know this is a possibility because she has a karmic 7-7 in her Soul Contract (which can cause this to happen), and her Human Design profile is a 5/2 (which means no one can see who she really is, not even me, and this is a risk)!

And my mom around the holidays when I was a kid (due to the pain from the lack of proper healthy boundaries between us), I would create projects around the holidays (like sewing scrunchies) so that I would be "too busy" to let her in.

Hmm, you know, my side projects are very Grinch-like. Look at all the amazing inventions he creates on his mountain in all his spare time alone. The Grinch is very skilled. And the WHOs could benefit from what he creates.

This reminds me of Human Design, where there are Individualistic talents, Collective talents, and Tribal talents. I don't focus on this a lot, as most people are a blend of the three. But, the individuals tend to go out on their own to invent, the collective people tend to have scouts who see what those individuals are doing and then they go back to the collective to find a way to mass produce so more can benefit. And the tribal people make up rules/laws and agreements/contracts so they can protect their family, town, community, country, etc.

It also reminds me of Astrology. I watched a great talk by Steven Forrest on what he called "The Single Greatest Gift Astrology can offer":

By this, I think he means - self-acceptance. He spoke about how some people are literally designed to break the rules and think out-of-the box. These are people with a lot of Aquarius in their chart, people with Uranus connected to an important planet (mine is connected to my Sun - my purpose, and my Mercury - the way I think and communicate), or people born with planets "out of bounds" (mine were not out of bounds at birth, but my Mercury has progressed out of bounds - hence the way I think and write).

These people, who are designed to break the rules, either become the criminal or the genius, it all depends on if they find a way to get society to accept them. It was interesting as Steven Forrest shared the chart of a serial killer, who had such potential to try to get along and find peace in relationships, but he could not. He also shared the chart of Martin Luther (my Astrological chart shows very strong parallels to his). Martin Luther nailed a document listing the indulgences that the Catholic Church was allowing citizens to pay them money for in order to commit. He found this to be wrong, and I do too! I actually feel his energy inside me, including his exile. But, he was designed to do that, he was designed to be the warrior, and I am designed to let go of the warrior and to learn to get along with others and bring them with me. This is not natural for me. But my Astrology reads - "we know you can survive, this time it doesn't count unless you support others to be able to survive with you". So, I am trying.

Watching my son's school holiday concert a few weeks ago, I really tried to reach for why I have no Christmas spirit. Yes, I like to unwrap our traditions (crafts the kids made, photos from Christmas past). And I thought of the people who say "put Christ back in Christmas", and, though I was not raised with a religion, I wonder if this is the answer. However there are people who disagree, and I am not in a place to be able to read their arguments yet, but they are here.

I have this conversation with my son, when he questions the logic of the existence of Santa. I allow him to work it out and come to his own conclusions, he still likes to believe, but I always remind him that we never convince others not to believe. Believing in something is that gives people joy and a feeling of being ok, no matter what.

Some people say to put Jesus back into Christmas because he suffered for us. But from a spiritual perspective, Jesus offers hope that someone (meaning we all can) reach enlightenment. And its not just Jesus who reached enlightenment, Buddha and many others did too.

Enlightenment means finding Peace, Joy, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Unconditional Love, and understanding the big picture.

See the Scale of Consciousness:

Its a celebration of living well over 200, the make or break point for health vs illness (true power vs force).

And look at the current state of Christmas. Its all about Shame, Guilt, Fear, and Desire. The elves literally watch over you, and they report to Santa if you've been bad.

Way to breed anxiety and paranoia into kids!

We hear people start to make their threats as early as September "if you are bad Santa won't bring you anything for Christmas"! And every adult in town asks every child "so, what do you want for Christmas?" What the heck? Why are you trying to create desire and consumerism in children?

My kids get everything they need all times of the year. Yes, they get Christmas presents and stuff from Santa. But its not an endless wish list and they do not lose anything for bad behaviour.

Santa is not conditional. They get presents because they get presents. Period. Love is not conditional, gifts are not conditional.

But, this Grinch (me) is making an effort to keep her feet on the ground, no soapbox, no pedestal. I will try to remain a witness, an honest observer, of the good, and the bad, and that which needs no judgement, in me and in others. Like the Grinch in the movie, who processes his stuff, and in the end reaches another level of his form of enlightenment (when his heart grew 3 times its size).

But I don't think it was ever under-sized. I think because mass society is denying their truth, the spiritual Grinches take on more darkness to maintain the balance. Healers are known to do that. So that later when clients come for support we can guide them back to health, because we just did so for ourselves, last month!

So, come January, when life goes on, I'll have no more debt than I did before, and I'll be happy. The holidays are a challenge for some, but everything has its season, and its reason.

I'd love to hear your KIND thoughts below.

Happy Holidays to all!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

You Have A Life Plan

ps. for people curious about how Soul Contract can be applied to business, the name of this article has an underlying energy that says - for those of you looking for love, happiness, and/or God out side of yourself, allow me to creatively show you that all of this is inside of you, I have the ability to move with the curves of spirit and to hold a safe, grounded space for you to heal with integrity, so that you can feel unconditional love and share yourself with others, trusting that those who need you will naturally come, you don't need to chase anyone down. Can you feel this? Even if you can't, its there. Love and Bless.

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