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We need to open our minds when our kids present us with problems

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

In this article I am going to share with you two problems my kids presented us with, and how we used knowledge of their Soul Contract in order to support them in non-traditional ways.

First, about a month ago, a family member was watching our kids. She was shocked to see my 6.5yr old son choking himself (and then apparently choking his 3.5yr old sister) and immediately thought to investigate what he is watching on his tablet to make him engage in this behaviour.

My son does not let others in because, as someone with Scorpio rising in his Astrology and a Spiritual Karma of 9-9 in his Soul Contract, he is very easily misunderstood and treated badly for who he is. So the family member alerted us of the incident.

I spoke to my son the next day and he admitted to choking himself, but not to choking his sister. I told him I am not interested in discovering who is lying and who is not, I just want to talk about what is going on. So he opened up.

He said he was choking himself because he would sense every 10 days that he would lose feeling in his legs, and he was afraid that he would become paralyzed and lose feeling in his whole body. He had seen on Star Wars that people often use the force to lift people off the ground by their neck, and he discovered that doing so helped him get the feeling back into his body.

Again, as someone with a 9-9 in his Spiritual Karma, I know he is fighting forces most of us do not see.

I am so grateful for practitioners like Dr Rachel Carson (a chiropractor who is very open to spirituality). As she was able to listen to my concerns on a physical and spiritual level and suggest that he focus on getting grounded in his feet and feeling the power coming out of his throat.

So, with very minimal trial and error, my son was able to find that stomping his feet, tapping his throat while saying "ahhhhhhh", and then running around allowed him to feel more embodied.

Never did I blame him for doing anything wrong! I listened to understand where he was coming from, and I educated him on the consequences of choking (as Dr Rachel shared with us "choking may give a rush of oxygen to his cells, which would give him a small high, but he would need to choke longer and harder to maintain the same high and this is a very dangerous behaviour among older kids"). It was not my son's intention to try to get high, he just wanted to embody. This is why we added the running around bit, so he could send oxygen to all his cells in a healthier manner.

He said he does not want to hurt himself, but he doesn't want to become paralyzed either. He said, "please don't google this, lets figure this out on our own, like real scientists". Smart boy! He probably knew google would be filled with mainstream fears and no real spiritual solutions!

My son loves the solution we came up with, because it makes him feel good, its healthy, it meets his objective, and its fun. He said every component serves a much needed purpose. I love it!

Onto my daughter.

The poor girl is starting to go cross-eyed. This is actually a blessing. I have been telling my in-laws forever to please stop treating her like a doll. Please stop dressing her up. Please stop doing her hair (and sometimes perfume and nails). Please stop pointing out what you find to be cute and then asking her to show others how cute she is. This is causing her to split her personality into what she thinks you like, and hide the parts she thinks you don't like.

I know this because she has a Physical Karma 7-7 in her Soul Contract, and she is a 5/2 profile in Human Design. She also has nightmares every night after she has spent a significant amount of time with them. Of course, my in-laws do not like that I say this and sometimes they try to put the blame on me.

But look at this, from the book Messages from the Body written by Dr Michael J. Lincoln (clinical psychologist):

~ Notice I did not censor the bit about blaming the mother. I am totally open to seeing where I may be contributing to the problem as well. And I know my pregnancy with my daughter was rough, and I often wanted to die because I was so ill. But the challenging pregnancy was her way of getting me to my spiritual teachers (as mainstream medical care could not figure out what was going on with me) so that I could learn the modalities I have learned to be able to understand her and her brother, so that I could save their lives, and many other kids and families. Supporting these spiritual kids to be better understood, so that they can teach us what they have come here to teach!

We took our daughter to the Optomitrist yesterday and his conclusion was "YES, she is going cross-eyed, probably because she is far-sighted and trying to focus up close is causing her eyes to cross, especially on the left side".

So, here is some more info, from the same book as above:

I share this with you, my readers, who may actually be open to considering how our behaviour as parents and caregivers may impact the physical health, behaviour, and function of our children.

I know my in-laws are not capable of hearing this. I know my kids present me with these kinds of problems so that I can find solutions to offer my clients, who are actually open to seeing their kids for who they are, for what is in their Soul Contract, Human Design, Astrology, and Gene Keys and for taking some ownership on how violating who they are can result in physical health problems.

I always have to remind myself to see things from all angles. To consider if my actions play a contributing role. This is not about blaming others, the kids, extended family, or society. It is simply about being honest.

My child has X problem, their unique psychology puts them at risk for X problem, the metaphysical reason for the problem they are presenting with aligns with X problem, maybe we need to find a new way to address X problem.

I am so grateful for my kids. We are expecting another baby girl in June 2019, and I know my daughter is showing this clear sign to us now so that her little sister may be spared the same treatment, and so that she can be raised with even more awareness of the limits of children, and the need to respect who they are, without judgement.

If you are interested to explore similar concepts in your own family, please feel free to book a free, no obligation, 15min consultation, here.

I am open to hear your KIND thoughts.

Love and Bless, Strong Family!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience (Stress and Health)

You Have A Life Plan

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