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If you want to have a solid impact on others, you better leverage your team!

Without fail, if I am writing an article that requires more thought than I am aware of, my 3.5yr old daughter will show up at my office door and need me for something. There is a very good reason for this. Read on...

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The reason my 3.5yr old daughter is apt to interrupt me is she is a projector (natural guide for others) like me, but unlike me (who is a 1/3 projector), she is a 5/2 projector.

These numbers have very specific meaning!

A 5/2 is someone who is a natural at influencing strangers. So, my daughter knows when my article is not quite share-ready, and she will interrupt me in order to stop my process, and I have learned to listen. Because as I step away to support her needs, my article finds a better way to express itself in my mind. And I can return to write it later, when she lets me.

Its annoying to my ego, but it is better for my impact!

I am also gifted with a husband who is a 4/6 in Human Design. This means he is a role model in how to influence his network (i.e., people close to him).

This differs from the 5/2 because the 5/2 influences people they do not know, whereas the 4/6 can influence people they know.

I am sure you know people who's family friends do not listen to them, despite their authority in public, likewise, there are people who can't get anyone in the world to notice them, but their family often respects their opinion highly and actually seeks it out.

My husband being a 4/6 is also annoying to my ego. Because, when I get off the phone with someone, he can't help but ask me questions that he clearly did not hear me ask the other person. Questions such as: how are they, what are they doing, etc.

It never occurs to me to ask these questions. I am a heads-down, build my foundation of truth type of person (1/3). I am not concerned about how others feel or what they are doing, not naturally. To me, these things are none of my business. I am more concerned about what I need them to do, what they need me to do, and I get to the point, so we can each get back to our lives.

Naturally, I am not well liked, nor can I influence my family with my opinion. Its tit-for-tat, I don't remember to ask how they are, so they don't bother to listen to what I have to say. Sigh.

Even in our new magazine venture, its great to have a 5/2 and a 2/4 on board as co-founders.

The 5/2, like my daughter, is a natural with the general public. The 2/4 is a natural with our network. And if we simply allow them to play their natural roles, then I can play mine, which is to write and build a solid foundation for our magazine. A perfect job for a 1/3.

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So, put your ego aside, see the gifts in others, collaborate, know you don't have to be everything, and leverage your team.

Someone asked earlier this week:

To which I provided this response:

What do you think?

Can you do a better job at:

- putting your ego aside,

- playing to your strengths,

- forgiving your weaknesses, and

- leveraging the strengths of your family or team members?

If you want support and guidance with this, feel free to reach out, here.

Love and Bless, Strong Light,

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