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Clearing trauma in the body

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

This article is an attempt for me to try to remember “who I am”, and this is probably an important exercise for anyone.

The past 20 months have thrown a lot of us for a loop. I know I was taken down a path of hatred, for the choices others were making. This was in large part because of what their choices were doing to my own mental and physical health, and to that of children in general.

I grew up watching my mother deny that she is the cause of her problems.

Recently she had right hip surgery. My 6yr old daughter is also getting treatment for a tight right hip. I have recurrent left hip problems. Left or right doesn’t matter physically, as they compensate for each other.

According to Esogetic Medicine, the hips are where we store our life program, they are important because: birth is the first time our knees come out of our shoulders, and our hips open up, so we can walk our life path.

While physically left and right does not matter, having a problem on one side and not the other indicates that trauma occurred at a key point in development, and this block needs to be removed, for us to be able to function optimally in life.

That’s why the pain is there: to remind us to go back, and retrace our steps, to find important resolution.

Left vs right can also tell us more about what psychological shift is needed to resolve the issue.

Problems on the left side of the body are generally rooted in an issue from childhood. Problems on the right side of the body are generally rooted in how we are presently choosing to live our life (narrowing our options, out of fear, anger, a closed heart, or ego, etc).

Hips in general are a Sagittarius issue: idealistic, my way or the highway. The left hip can represent Venus, Taurus, Earth, embodied, divine feminine, feeling the gravity of things, learning to balance priorities. While the right hip can represent Mercury, Gemini, Air, social anxiety: I just want to be accepted and liked, I can’t allow my self to embody and feel.

Trauma is passed down from parent to child, until someone is willing to heal it, and this heals the generations, forward and back.

The reason I got into Esogetic Medicine is because, while taking Divine Healing training, my teacher noticed that my 6yr old was struggling with things that she should have been able to let go of by now. When you see this retained/delayed development in a child, it’s an opportunity to relieve them of unneeded burden.

This took me on a wild goose chase, to see how the trauma of being conceived via IVF, where people judge your right to have a go at life at the 3-5 cell stage (transferred with two other embryos, extracted in a batch of 12 eggs, the only one to survive), may be preventing her from fully being here, to claim this life. I put the details here, for her to be able to honor how she feels, and remember where she came from (see the meaning of the animals, below).

Knowing our conception, in utero, and birth story, is so important for us to be able to make sense of how we tend to approach beginnings and endings in life.

...which lead me to recall this article:

And my daughter was also offered these exercises to try, with the pigeon pose being something to aid in stretching out the psoas (mentioned in the passage and article above):

What do a goose and pigeon represent spiritually?


And, what is my path?

To clear trauma from the body, so people can remember who they are, and walk their path, and not get hung up on these things, that result in information not being able to use both sides of the brain, both sides of the body, making their life harder.

It irks me to see how mainstream society unknowingly, yet deliberately, does so many things to disconnect us from our ability to walk our path, and yet, this is what we are here for. It‘s part of our journey, to reclaim what was always ours. People did stuff to us, so we can remember our purpose, and then maybe we can support and guide others.

And, on that note, combined with an overdue open conversion with my husband, on how we want to live our family life, I will change my tune, and be open to seeing clients, regardless of their V status. But, I will never M or V (see my LinkedIn posts to understand why), and if you feel the need to wear a M, then it is best for us to meet online.

Case by case, day by day.

Every experience is an opportunity to see our trauma, and to know what we are ready to release.

Sending gratitude and love. 💕

I hope you find your way: to let go of your trauma, and accept all parts of your self, others, and life.

This is what “doing the work” is all about.

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