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Healing hip pain with unconditional love

I’ve been experiencing hip pain in the evenings/nighttime, that is generally gone by morning, but not always.

I find when the kids bother me more than I can handle, variable capacity day to day, it gets worse.

The hips are where we store our life program. Symbolically, when we are born, our hips open up for the first time.

Hip pain, especially on the left, can be about not being able to walk our life path because of outer circumstances or because of unresolved conflicts.

I also tend to take on the symptoms of others, in order to understand them better, especially if I have been asked to help them with something.

My mother was going to go for hip replacement surgery. In her case, she has what are called “acid folds” (vertical lines above her upper lip). I see her bitting her upper lip with her bottom teeth all the time when she’s nervous. I assumed these lines where from her bottom canines (which are tied to the liver gallbladder meridian, anger at not being able to do what they want in life). Acid folds are also tied to the stomach (worrying; the inability to process information) and the intestines (whether we are able to hear our unique truth, act on it, and let everything else go).

So, it’s all about stress: behaviorally, energetically, and at an organ level.

If you do not deal with your stress, then you throw off the acid/alkaline balance of your body, and eventually your tissues and bones deteriorate.

Many people like to say “it’s just old age, bad luck, bad genes”, it’s not true. It’s a lack of self-love, self-awareness, and self-care!

Last night I got some time to my self, and I placed this Love Disc (based on sacred geometry, the elements, naturopathic, esoteric, physics/energetic, and other wisdom)...

... on my navel (connection to mom), solar plexus (power and life path), forehead (where we collect our pain of living), top of the head (connection to source), top of the sternum (hidden wisdom), C7 (where we carry our burdens), middle of each shoulder (to encourage the unfolding of our life/wings), between the shoulder blades (where attachments connect to us from others), and behind the solar plexus (the subconscious side of our power).

My sense was this was helping to bring me back to center. To open the unconditional love in all our cells.

I believe I tend to wake pain-free (at least in my hips) because at night, I visit with my guides, or they visit me, for guidance. I often wake with answers to things that were bothering me. And this is just another way to support the process.

In a time where the world can so easily pull us off our center, it is so important to know how to find our center again.

I’ve known the importance of walking our own unique life path for a while, especially for our mental and physical health, but I know it can be hard to “find the time”. All I can say is: find the time, or your body will force you to take the time. And hopefully, if and when it does, you will have as much love for your self as your body had patience for you, to come around and take better care of your self.


The technique above is from Esogetic Medicine.

Divine Healing has also been very helpful in this time, to shift from an emotional reaction, to a grounded solution. A free sample of this modality is available here: Raising Consciousness App.

RestoreChi is also a great way to support the body with this process.

I hope you are taking good care of your self, and if you are ready to do more for your self, and the above feels supportive for you, reach out:

*live links to what is shown in the image above are available in the footer of my email, you are welcome to email me and ask for them, and I’ll be happy to simply hit reply! ❤️🙌

Alahnnaa Campbell

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