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What is Conflict Therapy?

As I allude to in other articles (linked below), whatever we fail to resolve, simply repeats itself until we do. My teacher calls it “same plot, different cast of characters“.

It’s actually interesting, as this article comes on the heels of my article about “Prenatal Colour Light Therapy”, in which I failed to mentioned (but there are no accidents) that the only Colour Light Therapy that is done in pregnancy is relaxing the spine and prenatal therapy on the mother in the last 4-6wks (in order not to upset the life growing inside of her). In fact, any one who plans to be present at the birth of the child, would do the child a great favor if they would to deal with their own baggage, before passing it onto the child at birth.

There are several ways to do Conflict Therapy: using light, using brain waves, and using sound.

Sound is essentially the same as the light therapy, with the frequency of light converted to the equivalent sound frequency.

As a busy mom, I find the sound therapy (CD cover imaged above) easiest to fit into my day, but, I also have to make time for the processing of thoughts and emotions, as well as additional light treatments to support the release of what may come up for me, as a result of the Conflict Therapy.

The founder of this modality states that "the unconscious mind can not be silenced, if we fail to listen, then it will take it‘s anger out on our physical bodies".

As I mention in the article "What is esogetic medicine?", we are not here to suffer, we are here to expand consciousness and experience mastery. In the process, this means that the hurdles we fail to jump successfully early in life, come back later in life (again and again), to give us another chance to make a successful jump.

Something that was interesting, was watching a mother and child the other day. The child had her art destroyed by my almost 2yr old daughter (before I could stop it). The child was of course very upset at what had happened, and I let my child see the impact of her actions on others and she apologized (which doesn’t make it any better). But all of this was not about the two of them. It was about each of them, and both mothers present, and the roles we agreed to play for the other, and the experiences we draw into each of our lives, to learn. And we will keep drawing these experiences into our lives, until we address the root cause. For me, a part of it is writing this article, and offering this work to others.

On a similar note, right now, more than ever, we are all trying to give others our opinion on what they should do, when in truth: we have no idea what they should do.

Most of us have spent the majority of our lives trying not to hurt other people's feelings, and forcing our selves (and our kids) to do what we think we/they should.

We’ve even built an entire science around: "if this is statistically true for a group of people, then it is also likely to be true for you" and that is bullshit!

My truth is (based on my extensive training and life experience) that we each need to tune into ourselves and find our unique life path and live it. No matter who disagrees with us. As long as we are living our real truth, we have health, because that is what we were projected into this life to do. This is how we maintain a connection to source, who offers us health, only if we stay on our true life path. Otherwise, our life program is no longer compatible with our life, and then our life ends, but often not before a great deal of suffering (otherwise known as multiple second chances to wake up!!).

I hope this is helpful?

I hope you can see the importance of Finding Your Truth? You deserve to master your unique life (and we would all benefit from what you learn by doing so).

If you found this article helpful or interesting, I highly recommend you check out the other articles mentioned/linked in this one (especially the Prenatal one above, as the two topics are very intertwined).

Love, bless, and strong, now and always, fire bird!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Certified Practitioner of Esogetic Medicine

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience

(Stress & Health)

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