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Prenatal Colour Light Therapy

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

This is my evolving understanding of Prenatal Colour Light Therapy.

Below are further references (from my own personal research, into whether this was a modality I wanted to learn more about, for our middle child).

We come in with a life plan. Whatever happens in this process, be it that we were not ready to come, our parents were not in love when they conceived us, our conception was via a fertility treatment, the news of our pregnancy was not welcome, there was stress during pregnancy (especially at the 12 week or 6 month mark), we had a challenging birth, someone was present when we were born (and we collected their baggage as our own), or there were pregnancies before us that did not result in a live birth.

Any of the experiences mentioned above can lead to us adding to our life program beliefs and life lessons that are simply not ours to carry (i.e., feeling unwanted, in danger, in capable, etc.).

Birth is supposed to be an empowering event for mother and child, as we transition from water to air, but, for many, based on my experience and what I have witnessed around me, due to the high levels of stress, force, and synthetic hormones that we have ingested in our daily lives, many mothers appear incapable of launching the needed hormonal cascade to support a “natural” birth.

Also, many people are unaware of their influence on an unborn or young child (under the age of 3yrs), when we are still downloading our life program into our bodies.

We can let go of all the things that we took on as our own, which are in fact not ours to carry, by shining the light, and remembering our true life path.

You would know a child could benefit from such treatment, if you see that they have trouble launching themselves into things, or (at a younger stage) if they are simply inconsolable or fussy. This behaviour is a signal that something is wrong. And, if we can listen, and remove the programing that is not ours, we can settle and live our life.

It is true that society is very messed up right now, and it has been for a long time.

The best way to protect your child, is to keep them in touch with their life information. Because, no matter what happens to them in life, if they remember who they are and what they are here to do, if they are allowed to trust their own body to guide them, then they can have health, and live the life that they came for.

Although you will see other people (below) recommend 9 prenatal sessions, and it is true that most adults do need this many sessions or more (and would benefit from a full diagnostic process, only entering into prenatal therapy if that is what is showing as uppermost, for what they would benefit from, at this time), infants may be able to benefit from fewer treatments.

I am happy to work with you on a case-by-case basis, to see how much is needed, for you or your child to feel better.

One more interesting thing to share with you, before I close my portion of this article: I’ve noticed that often the parent‘s lesson (usually the birth mother) is repeated in the child. We live inside our mothers for 9 months, we literally know her from the inside out, what she experienced we experienced as our own. Some examples of this are parent and child who both have: an early unwanted pregnancy with a non-ideal partner, or who have their child(ren) taken away from them for a period of time, etc. Not only that, when we fail to relieve our children of the lessons they took on from us, yes their life looks hard, but it is us who suffer along side them, as they pull us into their problems, stopping us from having the freedom to be able to live our own life. There is an easier way to “return to sender”, because this way is amplified and further out from our own control. For more, check out my follow-up article: ”What is Conflict Therapy?”.

One more note, to all the spiritual folk, who seem to love taking on the lessons of others, don’t! Your life, your lessons, are trying to take you somewhere magical and important. You truly do not owe it to anyone to finish their lessons, and, in fact, deciding to release their lesson releases them from it too. No one passes on and, as a powerful soul, is truly happy seeing you carrying their baggage. Let it go, so they can too. We don’t heal for the collective, we heal for our past lives. We are one, but when we take on each other’s jobs, we hobble the whole, no one is incapable, what you see as in-valid, is actually them exercising free will, it is not a nice path, but they will learn that, when the time is right for them to do so, assuming we have any time left on this planet at all... and who’s to say the people out there who you judge as stupid or wrong aren’t ascended masters, just waiting for you to get the message and catch up?!

I hope you find something above (or below) that is helpful for you to decide if Prenatal Colour Light Therapy is right for you and your family.

I welcome your questions, requests, and concerns.

If this feels like something you or your child could benefit from, reach out, and we can discuss a way to make it work for you.

Alahnnaa Campbell

Certified Practitioner of Esogetic Medicine

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience (Stress & Health)

Further References and Information:

This work is aligned with the work of Dr William Emerson (, Ray Castelino (, Bert Hellinger (, and Robert St John (, with regards to the lasting impact that prenatal experiences and birth can have on a person’s life, and how people can be released from these experiences to live a more fulfilling life.

Here are a couple articles that relate to our daughter’s experience with Colour Light Therapy: Our 4yr old went to school today! and What happens to our children before they are born, has a huge impact on their life, and we can help!

This article may help you understand how things we do not resolve, simply repeat themselves in our lives until we go back and resolve them: What is esogetic medicine?

Here is my Esogetic Medicine (Colour Light Therapy) teacher’s write-up about Prenatal Colour Light Therapy: in association with APPPAH (

I learned about this modality from my Divine Healing teachers, who used this modality for their own child, with great success, and thus recommended I train in it, to support my daughter and other families (below is their description for Prenatal Colour Light Therapy) from:

Prenatal: 9 Sessions Clears birth and womb time trauma. This period sets the scene for your experiences in life. Up to 30% of your energy is tied up in your birth and womb time experience. It also enters into the dimension of the Bardo, or time in-between death and rebirth, helping transcend stuck patterns, addictions, and deep insecurities, which repeat over and over. This can unleash your potential. Prenatal is a great series for helping you move forward in your life. The prenatal series is excellent and safe for children of all ages where there has been a difficult birth, pregnancy complications or shock in early life. It will often settle a child who has difficulty sleeping or who is otherwise very needy and clingy.

Case Study 2 – Prenatal Series: 9 sessions

This series of sessions cleanses trauma stored in the body/mind from the time of conception, the 9 months in the womb and birth. It also enters into the dimension of the 'Bardo', or time in between death and rebirth, helping transcend stuck patterns, which repeat over and over. This series is recommended for any addictive tendencies, deep insecurity issues, or if it is known that the birth has been difficult. It can be done on babies, children or adults.

When 8-year-old Matthew came to see me, he felt unwanted at school by his friends and also by his newly acquired grandmother. This resulted in him feeling very low in self-esteem at times and doing anything he could to be loved by others, but encountering constant rejection. His mother got pregnant with him when she was 16 years old. The father of the child did not want to have anything to do with the pregnancy whatsoever and she felt very unsupported. Bringing up Matthew was not easy and she started noticing strong mood swings in him. I decided that the Prenatals would be the series for Matthew.

Session No. 3: All Mathew's issues seemed intensified through his outer world, namely at school. No one wanted to play or sit next to him. It took a lot of encouragement from his mother to convince him to come to the session. (Sometimes as the healing takes place, issues can intensify).

Session No 5: He felt OK to play on his own and not to give much notice to his friends.

Session No 7: He came running into the session room, very excited and happy. Everybody at school was almost fighting to be sitting and playing with him.

Session No 8: A completely different boy was here in the session room – great self-confidence and strength.


This clears trauma stored in the body/mind from the time of conception, the time spent in the womb and birth. It can also clear issues and patterns from the ‘bardo’ (time between lives). This series is highly recommended for people with deep insecurities, addictive patterns, and for those who had a difficult birth. This treatment may be done on children and adults.

Below is a book written by a pediatrician who found this modality so effective that he now uses Colour Light Therapy exclusively to support/treat his clients:

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